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Brittany6755 09-17-2014 07:50 AM

Need a good Vegas doctor for my friend
Hi ladies, good morning. I posted this in General Augmentation and received no responses :-( and maybe it would have been a better question in this section. My best friend in Vegas is needing to have her implants removed. And get a lift, or whatever is needed to have her boobs look okay afterward. Does anyone know of a really good reconstruction PS in Vegas? Thanks so much for your help. I'm really wanting to guide and support her.

Mandy910 10-01-2014 08:47 PM

I don't know about her explant experience or if she does it, but I will be going to Dr Hayley Brown. She is so down to earth and it was like talking to a girlfriend. I also consulted with Dr Michael Edwards and he was very thorough.

Chinadoll85 03-07-2015 09:13 PM

Doctor hankins or doctor Alexander are the two who are top rated and also made the best impressions at my consult. I went with dr hankins since he specialized in revisions

VictoriaD 03-24-2015 02:14 PM

I'd add Dr. Mary C Herte to the list. I met with a few doctors in town and she was a no brainier for me. I did a TT with her, but I'd go back to consult with her for anything else that I may do in the future.

alleycat123 08-29-2018 06:53 PM

Voted Best in Vegas
Dr Lane Smith

Bigboobies702 01-25-2020 02:33 PM

I went to Lane Smith for mine. Results are beautiful, but I will be downsizing with Dr. Michael Edwards. Both good surgeons.

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