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Ella.bea 08-29-2016 10:34 AM

reconstruction and implants
Hi there,

I had a prophylactic bilateral double Masectomy 7/11/16 due to a genetic condition, positive Gene and family history. I had my ovaries removed last year.
I was a 34B and 143lbs prior to surgery. I've since put on 10 lbs from the combination of quitting smoking and recovery. So far, I've have had a total of 3 fills totaling 280 CC's. I was wondering if anyone is further in the process and has implants already. Because we don't have our breast tissue anymore how does that work CC wise in comparison to the ladies who do? I know it's different for us-meaning, if I were to have a breast augmentation on top of my 34B's (not factoring in the removal of beasts) those 280 CC's would be more than what I appear to have now than added to my original breast tissue, right?
I'd like to be about a full C when I'm done. As for nipples, I'm thinking I want those reconstructed as well. Does anyone have those and wish they did 3D instead? How do they compare to real ones?
I'm also wondering with these tissue expanders, I tried on a bra the other day and almost filled a C cup bra, but my foobs are rock hard and not sure how the implants compare (I'm going to go with silicone), will they be a little larger than what I have now once they're in? My next fill will be in between 60-100 more CC's although my surgeon says 100 will probly be too much. I will definitely at least have 60 more CC's which will leave me at 340 CC's total. I guess she says that because it's like placing a ball you slice in half and placing them in your chest. I don't want to look like a porn star in the end.

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