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Advice regarding pain after BR/BL...

Old 03-01-2020, 08:07 PM
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Question Advice regarding pain after BR/BL...

I would like some surgeons opinions on what could still be causing my nipples to have super sensitivity and sharp shooting pain when touched 8 years after my last surgery. I originally had a BL/BA but the lift was bad I had a revision BL/BA about 8 months later. I read that one of the complications of BL/BA is that you could have permanent nerve damage, hyper sensitivity, loss of sensitivity in the nipples, etc. I talked to my PS about it 12 months after the surgeries because I thought it should have subsided by then and he said that having two fairly aggressive BL that close together could have just caused a lot of nerve damage that could take years to recover from... well it is now 8 years later and I still don't like my husband to touch my nipples because it causes sharp shooting pain. Often times they are just sore without being touched (Especially my left one). Sometimes their is no pain at all if they are not touched. I want to make sure it is clear that this is not "new" pain after a period of time, it is just pain that has never gone away. My questions specifically are:

1. Could this pain be due to scar tissue around nerves in the nipple? during my first surgery the PS decreased the diameter of my areola's so there was a lot of cutting around there. And if it is scar tissue can it be removed to relieve pressure on the nerves?

2. Since it has been this long, is it likely a permanent nerve damage issue?

3. What are the possible causes and can any of them be fixed?

The pain is only really bad when the nipples are touched. I would rather not go back to the PS and am really just inquiring in general for some of the PS on here if this is something you have seen and what the possible causes / solutions are. If it is determined that there is still hope of remedying it then I will take the next step and contacting a PS for evaluation...

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