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Large Breast Implants This forum will be for discussing implants that are 700cc or larger. Although 700cc may not seem large to some, they are, generally, considered a larger size.

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Xl vs XXL?

I see that we/you sometime refer to XL and XXL cc size, what cc do you consider to be XL and when does it become XXL?
Also, don't you think this also vary depending on your body, i e how your boobs is perceived on your frame? I e 400 cc could look XL on a tiny girl, whereas it would hardly be visible on a taller girl?
I would consider myself a XL girl with 910 cc, but as I am thinking of a future upgrade (1500-1500) this would make me a XXL girl? Do you agree?
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Dreaming of next upgrade. Maybe 1500-1600 cc?
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You make good points. While I know that technically I am not considered XL at 650HP; I FEEL that I am! I simply can't imagine being larger than what I am now. I was recently sized at 34G but I figured by the time all is said and done I will end up a 34GG or 34H (which is not a small bra size). My first day back to work my back was killing me! I can't even imagine carrying around the weight of real XL or even XXL implants.

I think that everything is relative. I see pictures where ladies say they look like a C in clothes (wear a F or G) but to me they look like the size they actually are. Tall girls do seem to eat up ccs more than shorter girls. I also think a lot of that has to do with your body. I've seen countless posts about girls wanting to get larger implants to fill in the cleavage gap, or to be fuller up top. What I think we tend to forget (and doctor's don't explain very well) is that implants will be centered under your nipples. If your nipples are far apart or lower on your chest, it won't matter how large of an implant you choose as the center of the implant will remain behind your nipples.
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Incision 1st BA: transax
1st BA: 1997
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Post-Op Size 2nd BA: started as a 34G (2 wks), resized at 34H
(3 wks) and have been wearing a 34I ever since.
CCs 2nd BA: 650cc HP silicone
Incision 2nd BA: crease
2nd BA: June 27, 2013
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09-26-2017 03:50 AM
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