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Large Breast Implants This forum will be for discussing implants that are 700cc or larger. Although 700cc may not seem large to some, they are, generally, considered a larger size.

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xhotnsexyx is on a distinguished road

string implants?

i'm just wondering if anyone knows much about these string implants. chelsea charms (i know it's a pornstar, but they seem to have all kinds of fake boobies in the biz) has them and i just would like to know more about them. supposedly they just keep growing?
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That's pretty much correct. Polypropylene string breast implants are not legal in the US anymore. It's suppose to work under the premise that the string irritates the pocket and the body's fluid starts to form in that pocket. However the fluid never stops collecting in these pockets unless the string is removed. Also, the fluid can accumulate at different rates, causing the breasts to be different sizes. And these poor girls have to have their boobies drained periodically. IMO, it looks like it hurts.
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V.M.BrownEyes will become famous soon enoughV.M.BrownEyes will become famous soon enough
I would suggest that if you want to expand gradually you go with expander implants. That way you can control how fast you expand, when you expand, and decide when you stop expanding without having to go through the draining and whatnot. Then, when you reach a size you are happy with, you can have the expanders removed and replace them with permanent implants in either silicone or saline.
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iwantbigboobs1 is on a distinguished road
like with the expanders can you start with 500cc and keep filling up to 1000cc over time? do you have to see your surgen to fill them or can you do it from home? are there any risks of infection with the valve?... I did a search on google but cannot find any good information.
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To each her own I suppose.
But IMHO, ridiculous and gross. Can you imagine how much those must hurt her back. And she probably can't stand for very long without resting them on something.
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I doubt we'll see the likes of string implants again. Too problematical.

As for expanders, most implant manufacturers produce them. Some of the European companies will even make them in custom sizes. This costs extra of course. You pretty much have to get on the phone and call around, see who offers what.

Then you have to find a doc willing to do the procedure, which is also more expensive, due to the periodical fills.

So, it can be done, but it requires a little legwork and a lot of money.
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In my first consultation I ever had he wanted to use expanders. He told me they are primarily used on breast cancer patients and the like. I am not sure how true this is as I did not go with him but I just wanted to throw it out there.
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xhotnsexyx is on a distinguished road
according to what i've found she (chelsea) says that she doesn't have any back problems and they don't bother her. she only does like sleeping with them cause they can get in the way. lol, my hubby would love to have those spare pillows
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10-21-2017 10:37 AM
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