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mooboobies 06-11-2010 08:02 AM

[Review] Orange County, CA Tattoo Removal

I went to 3 places before settling where I did. Had I not gone with my gut, I'd be having this done probably 6 months longer than necessary.

I first went to "tat 2 be gone", the staff was OK but certainly not as outgoing as someone charging you almost $40.00 PER SECOND of work would be expected to. ;) Much like the next place I mention, I did not see the doctor mentioned on their website. This one does exist, however, and at least a nurse does the removal in his absence. Regardless, I wouldn't recommend them.

Next, Dr.Tattoff. This is probably the shadiest experience I've ever had in an office, to be quite frank. I only went to them because I couldn't get an appointment the day before my surgery. They get into pressure sales, and also have pretty shady stuff going on.

First, if you look at their website it shows a panther tattoo and an after pic (after THREE sessions) where it's gone. In the office, on a pricing sheet the SAME tattoo is shown...after NINE sessions (difference of oh, about $500+). I pointed out the discrepancy and was hit with a very bad attitude, and told my computer screen was probably just not showing the tattoo when it was merely faded (you're welcome to look yourselves :)). I then asked them about their packages they shove on you. A complete removal package. I ask if you use less treatments than included, are you refunded the difference? No. I asked, if something came up and you decide to stop, are you refunded? No. If you move, die, lose the tattooed limb, etc. refund? No. Basically, they have no refunds for anything. They also say no-one is cheaper than them, and unfortunately think they're celebrities after being featured on Dr. 90210 (or another show, I forgot).

The office is 'alright'. The couch had stains, the floor looked like outdoor carpet and the staff was rude. I'm a pretty easy going person and I was so upset I told my PS about them (his staff recommended them; not from experiences, but because someone from Dr. Tattoff's office used my PS and left their info.). My PS's office called them and told them they won't recommend them to patients again.

Now, to the real issue with them. It's called DR. Tattoff. Dr...DOCTOR. There's NO DOCTOR THERE!! I am 75% sure the receptionist did my removal. The machine looked like any other big machine, it took about 10 seconds as she zipped through and left no discoloration. The setting was on like 3-4. Pain was a 5.

I paid cash for one treatment, told them (afterwards), I doubt I'd be back. They called and emailed me for appointments once a week for roughly 6 weeks afterward (until I finally got bitchy).



Sublime Medical.

As soon as I walked in this place, I knew I was about to get served with a big bill. I won't lie. The office is sexy. It's the most beautiful contemporary medical place I've been. Even the bathroom was amazing. Their receptionist is hilarious and so sweet. The assistant eyeball measured my tats (and took 1 square inch off, yay) and quoted me. The doctor...YES, a REAL board certified MD came in and explained everything to me. How do I know it was better? This machine was a digital pain blasting beast. I looked at his settings... he put it on big numbers (not too much higher, but increases over each appointment). It lasted roughly 40 seconds and hurt like you wouldn't believe, left my tattoed skin white. Pain was a 10. (First treatment I didn't get lidocaine because I thought it wouldn't hurt much like Dr. Tattoff...WRONG!!) I got lidocaine shots free with it thereon-after, yep, Dr. Tattoff charged $35.00 for lidocaine CREAM (where you sit and wait 30 minutes). Dr. Dawood is awesome. Best part? Tell him he's a sadist who doesn't know what the pain is like and he'll show you scars on his arm where he's proven people like me wrong. :D

Sublime's package was $1,400/$1,650 LESS than Dr. Tattoff and Tat 2 Be Gone. I also feel like I'm cheating on my PS when I say this, but his Botox is about 25% cheaper than my PS's office, too.

Dr. Dawood / Sublime Medical is hands down the best place you can go. They split up your times between treatments to avoid burning and scarring (Dr. T suggested 3 weeks, Sublime does 5 -- 4 if you heal well which I do). They're funny and caring, helping you to feel comfortable. They have excellent pricing, the cheapest I've found as of yet.

You can go anywhere, but I am telling all of you. Do NOT go to Dr. Tattoff. I feel like they do treatments on the "low" setting for bad reasons, not to help with pain or scarring. Them setting the tone with deceptive images and outcomes really rubbed me the wrong way and when I mentioned it, they were very, VERY rude. Plus, they do NOT have a doctor there doing this treatment.

I'm being so adamant because if this is done wrong, you can end up with a scar shaped like the tattoo you wanted removed or with very poor results and a thin wallet. You can pay more than you need to because some places drag out your treatments. I'm happy I actually went to 3 places to be able to compare.

Plus, Sublime was able to do Botox, remove skin tags and do laser tat removal all in one sitting. I had such a productive day! I've been with them for um, almost 4 months. I plan to actually start using them for my Botox from here on out (sorry Dr. K!) and my laser hair removal and stuff.

mooboobies 06-11-2010 08:04 AM

If you go there, tell them Lori sent you and BUST the doctor and his assistants balls. They love it. I curse at him and hit him during my treatments, it's a lot of fun.

mooboobies 09-04-2010 06:46 AM

I'm updating this for a few reasons.

I recently had tattoo removal when I was very sick (and found out I needed my uterus removed). Dr. Dawood went out of his way to make me comfortable because I was in a lot of pain, and had intense nausea. He also gave me information on a specialist to maybe help me avoid a hysterectomy.

He's actually a board certified surgeon, internal medicine dude and specializes in dermatology and stuff. His knowledge and compassion (especially when I'm whining about my period) was something you don't see often and don't expect when getting a tattoo removed, lol.

He removed some skin tags for me (wicked cheap, like $40 for all of them), he removed cherry angiomas (free), and will be doing the scar treatment on the 6-7" scar on my arm. Next year I'll have him do my breast scars if needed.

I've met a few people who had removal elsewhere and theirs are red, white or scarred. They end up asking for his info because I have a tattoo that's very light with no evidence of removal. I'm confident it will end up gone with no record of it ever existing.

I've had my PS, his nurse an my regular doctor all ask for his cards to give to their patients. I think that says a lot about him.

I knew he was good, but never expected him to end up being a doctor I wish was my general physician he's that amazing.

Anyway, they do all injectables there, too. The prices are nearly unbeatable and done by the doctor. I'll be going to him from this point forward for those things, too. I plan to use him for my dark circle treatment as well once I overcome that fear. ;)

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