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Laser and IPL hair removal experience

Old 01-06-2012, 02:18 AM
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Laser and IPL hair removal experience

I tried a brazillian wax and I've never said so many swear words in my life. I tried it a few times to see if it got any better and it didn't. Also, I seem to be allergic to wax or something as the infection in my hair follicles after a waxing was insane.

So I started laser for brazillian (they sold it to me as laser, but it was actually IPL). I must have had almost 10 sessions of IPL and was really disappointed with the results. Not much progress and still plenty of hair. I'd get about 30 zaps with the IPL, which felt like a rubber band but didn't really hurt too much. I didn't feel the need to swear with the IPL! But anyway, I kept going thinking it would eventually stop the hair growth.

After a while, I got a new job in a different suburb so I went to a new hair removal place. I thought I was getting laser before, but they explained that I was actually getting IPL, which is much less effective.

So I started laser treatment at the new place on my already thinned, but still very much present, bikini hair and I thought I'd try my underarms too.

Underarms are prepared with some ice packs for a few minutes, then lasered (which takes about 250 zaps per pit). The laser zaps are a lot less than the IPL zaps intensity wise and surface area wise, but there's hundres more of them and they are constant! You can smell the hair burning during the treatment and I feel this weird clicking sensation in my neck (NFI what that is) but it's all bearable pain. Ice packs afterwards also helps.

While underarms are being done, I've got ice packs on my cooch and I always use plenty of Emla on my bikini area. Where the Emla has taken effect, you can't even feel anything. Where you've missed a spot with the Emla it DOES NOT TICKLE. But I find it's still bearable pain. Worst part is just at the bottom of the lips. It really does feel like an elastic band snapping and pinching your skin- but I still don't think it's as bad as a brazillian wax!

I got brave and accepted their offer of a butt crack laser as part of my brazillian treatment last time I was there and I will never do that again. I don't care if I have a hairy butt crack - I don't have to see it so I don't care. That pain almost made me throw up. The therapist said the worst pain is when the laser hits a vein, as the laser is attracted to dark colours so travels up the vein. Holy crap I must have the veiniest ass crack out there because that really did hurt.

Anyway, totally reccommend laser (not IPL) to anyone. I've had three sessions of laser and I wouldn't even say I've got hair anymore - it's more like a fuzz and it grows soooo slowly.
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Old 01-09-2012, 01:35 PM
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Hi! Thanks for your post. I've had about 8 treatments of IPL on my brazilian and armpits and I wish it was totally gone. I'd say 80% is gone... My armpits have probably 5 hairs left each but they grow really slow and are thin. My brazilian, the top part is all gone except one hair, the top lips are almost all gone, and the bottom lip hairs still mostly there! arg. I appreciate your post, I will look into alternative laser machines. I just go with IPL because my bf's sis gives me the treatment at cost.
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Old 01-19-2012, 06:07 PM
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I just bought a groupon for $99 for 3 laser hair removal treatments..after reading your post I am so glad I chose that and not IPL. Where did you get the emla cream and how often were your treatments?
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