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SeekAndDestroy 08-21-2015 10:50 AM

Micro needling for loose skin
The cellulite I have on my outer and back thighs are due to weight lose. I need to tighten the skin in those areas. I feel so self conscious.

Has anyone had success with micro needling loose skin? Lipo isn't an option for me, as I feel that can make it worse.

snowlover25 08-21-2015 03:34 PM

I have never heard of that. I'm considering "lifts" to tighten the skin, but that's major surgery. I need it anyways for loose skin... So, improvement in my cellulite is just a bonus.

I know i seen a post somewhere about some new thing for cellulite that recently got approval. Cellfina or something... But I don't know much about it.

Do you work out at all? I've been noticing improvement since I started working out..

EDIT - I should of read your post better. I thought you were more concerned with the cellulite over the loose skin. As far as lifts, I think it's hard to see improvement in the BACK of the thighs. But a lateral thigh lift will help with the outer thighs.

AmayaT 07-18-2019 11:20 PM

Microneedling is a treatment majorly performed on the face. And while it can help by tightening your facial skin, it wont help you with getting rid of cellulite. Cellulite is formed because of fat deposits beneath the tissues and that gives the skin a bulgy appearance. Microneedling will not be able to penetrate that deep into the skin. Though some laser treatments might help you out.
Liposuction is not a bad option either. It will not make things worse. There are now advanced techniques and equipment with which the procedure can be performed in a minimally invasive manner by putting a small incision and it has high success rates. So you can go for it without any fear. Talk about your concerns, reservations and expectations with your doctor, and your doctor will guide you the best.

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