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Lip Augmentation Discuss lip augmentation via fat transfer, implants, or injectable fillers here.

Lip Injections and a BA at the same time.

Old 10-15-2010, 07:10 PM
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Lip Injections and a BA at the same time.

Hi all!

I am getting my boobs done by Dr. Revis next week. I will be staying there for 4 business days and a weekend, since I am travelling there. I am interested in lip injections. Now my bottom lip is full, so I only want my top done, it has fullness, but I want to match the bottom slightly. So Im wondering, how is the recovery, is it painful and how much that cost? Is it bad to do both (ba and lips on the same day?)

Here is a picture of an example of my lips, the first girl has similiar lips to me (top and bottom) I want my top to look like that. nothing too fake or "known" looking

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Old 10-29-2010, 03:19 PM
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I don't think it would be too much at once . A lot of women get lip, breast lift/aug, and everything else so you should be fine . Recovery for me is not bad. I have a little swelling for a day or two (eat lots of popsicles!) and I only experienced some bruising with my first set of injections. My bottom lip is also pretty full so I only get a little in my bottom and the rest goes to my top lip. The last time I got my lips done (June) I paid $425, which is discounted, because it was at my previous employer's practice. It doesn't hurt and it's over within a flash. I was really scared my first time and even after I know what it's going to be like and know it isn't that bad, my stomach still get's all nervous..lol. GL!

ETA: Before I was getting them done at my ps's office and he charged $500/syringe and I only get one syringe.
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