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Barnaby 03-08-2012 10:16 AM

Anyone done an Upper Lip Lift?
Hi Ladies! :wave:

I'm very interested in getting an upper lip lift as I have ZERO upper tooth show. I've been getting Juvederm injections for the past couple of years to 'plump' my lips but as we're all aware, the injections can only plump so much, then you start looking like a duck ;)

I've talked to Dr. Svehlak here in Los Angeles, and he seems knowledgeable about the procedure and his pics look really good (Plus he does the 'skin only' lift, rather than cutting the muscle which can lead to problems, I've heard).

But there are several other surgeons I've talked to who will not touch lip lifts with a 10ft pole because apparently the results can sometimes be disastrous.

Any lovely ladies had an upper lip lift who can share their experience? :)

Thank you in advance!!

Barnaby 03-09-2012 01:13 PM

Just wanted to bump :)


Tallgirl38 04-19-2012 01:21 AM

Lip lift
Sorry to come in so late after your initial post.
Hopefully I might be able help a little.

Not only did I have no teeth show I also had what I can only describe as pencil line lips...they were so slim, it was dreadful.

I have had two upper lip lifts, the procedure where the surgeon makes the incision directly below the nose and lifts the lip from their.
The first lip was 7mm but, it wasn't quite enough so my PS did a (free)revision and took the upper lip up another 3mm, a total 1cm...
Along with the lift my PS also gave me fat transfer to upper and lower lips.

Fat transfer doesn't have the greatest retention in the lips so, I knew I would lose quite a bit hence the three rounds of Aquamid over the following year to plump out the lift and lower lip.

I now have lips that are a million times better than before, with (for me) perfect teeth show and lip size. ...
If I go back to my PS for my implants then I will get him just to plump up the lower lip with a little more bodyfat (transfer).

Hope this helps a little.

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