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GardenGirls 01-18-2011 07:11 PM

Extreme disappointment with Prevelle Silk
I went to a reputable woman PS for an injectable filler. I previously had a fat transfer to my lips but wanted to supplement with an injectable filler. I have never had an injectable filler so wasn't sure what to expect but the longevity in this filler was not a concern for me because I will be having another fat transfer done in a few months and need to have this filler dissipated by then. I was aware that the Prevelle Silk last about 60-90 days but I don't even think mine lasted 24 hours. I went yesterday morning for one syringe and by the time I went home I called to get another because I didn't get the results I wanted. Went earlier this morning and the swelling tricked my into thinking I would have much better results the second time round but here I am 12 hours later and my lips don't look any different then they did a few days ago. Has this ever happened to anyone??? How can I justify throwing away $600 when there is no change in the appearance of my lips? My husband was not going to be happy as it is that I even spent $600 all together but to see not difference in my lips??? I am sooo upset. Can you tell any difference in the photos? One picture I took a couple of weeks ago and the other was about an hour ago....


http://www.justbreastimplants.com/fo...100567&thumb=1 http://www.justbreastimplants.com/fo...100566&thumb=1

GardenGirls 01-18-2011 08:19 PM

Do they generally give a refund on fillers or is it a "buy at your own risk". I really would like a refund at this point.......

OceanGlitter11 01-18-2011 08:41 PM

Aww, boo! That really stinks. I can't tell a difference between the two pictures, so I would go back and ask where in the world did the filler go?! I haven't heard of Prevelle Silk but maybe your body just absorbed it abnormally quick?? Either way, I would go back with both your before and after pictures asking what happened... who knows, they may fill again for free or at a discounted price.

Good luck whatever you do, keep us updated!

PaigeAmanda 01-18-2011 08:57 PM

I don't see any difference either. Show them the pictures and i think it is worth a try to get another filler for replacement. Not necessarily a refund but something else.

GardenGirls 01-21-2011 07:43 PM

I ended up meeting with the PS Wednesday morning so she could see how my lips looked the same after almost 2 syringes and they should have looked pretty full after an amount like that. She couldn't understand why it happened and came to the conclusion that it must have been because I had a fat transfer a few months ago and maybe the larger needle had something to do with it. At that point she ended up refunding my $200 which was nice of her but I still couldn't accept that as being the reason.

I ended up calling a couple of other Plastic Surgeons that were familiar with Prevelle Silk. Apparently Prevelle Silk is not a popular filler in general and is even less popular as a lip filler. Each Plastic Surgeons office I called said that they don't use Prevelle Silk because as a lip filler it has poor results. Based on this information I ended up emailing the PS politely with no hard feelings, requesting a full refund and surprisingly, the office manager called me the following morning to let me know I would get my full refund. Here is the email I sent.......

"Hi Dr. ------,

Thank you for meeting with me this morning. I know you are as disappointed as I am with the results of Prevelle Silk and appreciate the $200 refund. However, I couldn't help but research further about Prevelle Silk being used in lips and have spoken to several knowledgeable Plastic Surgeons who have had experience with Prevelle Silk and they all agreed that Prevelle Silk does not give good results in lips and do not use Prevelle Silk as a filler for lips due to the very subtle results.

When we met Monday afternoon, I mentioned that I wanted to achieve full, pouty lips and relied on your guidance and your expertise. I did mention my future plans on having an additional fat transfer done to my lips but had not yet scheduled the procedure yet so I was comfortable getting a lip filler that wasn't going to last excessively long. However, my main purpose of obtaining your services was to achieve the desire fullness I had expressed and I have been informed from other reputable Plastic Surgeons that Prevelle Silk is not an appropriate filler to obtain fuller, pouty lips. I have been further advised that my subtle results with Prevelle Silk is very typical and comparable with anyone else who has received Prevelle Silk as a lip filler and should not have been a surprise to any Plastic Surgeon/Physician who is knowledgeable and experienced with this filler. Had this information been provided to me during my consultation, I would have immediately declined the Prevelle Silk and would have taken the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of using a more appropriate filler and maybe postponing my fat transfer further.

Overall you have been professional and seem to be a wonderful person and I know I will be returning to your office in the future. However, based on Prevelle Silk's known reputation of it's disappointing results as a lip filler it was not appropriate for what I wanted to achieve. As a patient I relied on your knowledge and expertise and this important information was not disclosed to me. As a result, I am requesting a further resolution and have no choice but to request a full refund."

OceanGlitter11 01-22-2011 08:23 AM

That was a very classy and respectful letter. I'm glad you did your research and got your refund, but I'm not sure I would go back there for any other lip treatments. My Restylane has done great and I know a lot of girls on here said Juvederm Ultra Plus gives great and lasting results! GL hun! :wave:

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