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Teenage tatas 11-19-2013 03:06 PM

Got a another half syringe of Restylane today!
So I had a "half" syringe (.5CC) of Restylane L a few weeks ago.


So today I woke up and spontaneously decided to call my PS office to see if the PA who did it last time was in. They said she had a cancellation and if I could be there at 2:30 to come on down! I had a cancellation in MY day, so it was meant to be.

I LOVED my results, but they were SO SUBLTE (no one noticed which was what I wanted) that I wanted her opinion on adding another half syringe. She agreed that another half would give me just a little more pout and fullness but still be conservative. It HURT SO BAD this time! lol. She said it was because they were puffy and maybe even a little tender from the first injection. Tears were streaming down my face! :ohno:

She used the numbing cream again, which does help. The lidocaine in the products does too a little....It wasn't unbearable, but OUCH.

10 minutes later I was walking out with them just a little fuller again. Prepared for the horrific swelling that awaits tonight. But will keep icing and take benedryl tonight like last time. Last time by day 3 they were totally fine. I feel like this stuff is a little addicting-but I can't see doing more than 1 cc total from now on. I think this was a good way for me to try it and ease into it.

My goal is to "maintain" my desired result by having .5 cc injected (half syringe) more frequent just to keep them "topped off" versus letting them completely deplete and then doing a whole syringe each time. Plus it feels somehow easier on my wallet buying a half for $275 versus a whole for $550-lol. I know-silly!:idk:

Anyway, they are pretty beat up at the moment but I'll post pics before the SWELLING starts!

TheDreamer 11-19-2013 03:45 PM

I am thinking about having my lips done but im scared that they will go bad! I love seeing the pictures! Thanks for posting! Slowly i am starting to consider it more and more! :D

Teenage tatas 11-22-2013 06:37 AM

I am LOVING the new lips. A full syringe is really what you need to be subtle yet noticeable (if that makes sense). The swelling disappeared again after 2 days and now they are PERFECT in my opinion. I am so happy I just went for it and got another half to "top it off".

I am officially a CONVERT to restylane for luscious lips!

madem_jenn 11-22-2013 08:29 PM

I agree!! I just tried Juvederm XL 1/2 and then another 1/2 syringe in May....still looking good but I want to get a touch up and a chemical brow lift before the new year : )

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