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MiamiPineapple 05-07-2014 02:56 PM

Permalip update 6 days PO
I wanted to share my experience with Permalip because I had a really hard time finding a lot of information. I decided to have this done because I had perlane put in my lips (pic in album) and I was hooked! However, its about $400 each time and doesn't last long.

Permalip is a soft silicone implant that lasts "forever."

I had my surgery last Thursday with Dr. Man in Boca. I paid $1900. It is done under local. It takes about 30 minutes to numb you and the procedure seems like forever but its about 15 minutes.

I chose the largest size even though he wanted to do medium because I know myself...go big or go home and so far I am glad I did.

First - They place numbing cream all over your face and lips for 20 minutes
Then comes the worst park : the dental block! They stick you with needles about 30 times all around your mouth, deep needles. The pain was ridiculous, not going to sugar coat anything.

After that you basically can't feel the lower part of your face. The doctor took me to the OR where they cut small incisions in the side of our lips. They then cut a tube into each lip and place the implant. It doesn't slide right into place. The doctor was rough with it (which makes for beautiful bruising later).

After the procedure, you are still numb and they tie and ice pack to your face for the drive home. On the way the numb starts to wear off and the pain is INSANE! Look, I can tolerate pretty much anything. I have had many surgeries both voluntary and involuntary. I felt like someone had kicked my ass. I had percoset and THAT didn't even help. I was so miserable. Then the swelling begins.

Second and third day your lips are HUGE. I knew this from reading about it but nothing really prepares you for when you look in the mirror. You can hardly open your mouth, all I could eat was yogurt and egg salad. I was drinking with a straw and that hurt too.

Day four things start to improve, still to swollen to be seen in public. Unlike boobs that you can cover, this is your FACE! So I was locked inside.

Day five went for a walk, feeling much better.

Today is day 6 and I went to the gym. Swelling almost totally done. I can eat what I want and move my mouth better. Numbness also gets better each day. Going for my recheck tomorrow. Hopefully to get outside sutures out.

I will post an album now. Feel free to ask me anything. Right now I am THRILLED with how they look. I always tell myself it takes pain to be beautiful but OUCH!

Linaki 05-07-2014 03:15 PM

Thanks for the update! Hopefully in a few weeks you will have forgotten all the bad parts lol.

MiamiPineapple 05-08-2014 08:42 PM

ALBUM UP! The pictures aren't in order but I did label by day

Belle_Bela 05-10-2014 12:03 AM

Congratulations! I'm sorry it was so painful and that you had to hide out for five days but they look like they're coming along beautifully :-)

Apple88 07-30-2014 11:38 AM

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I have been considering this myself and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you as you heal!

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