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GardenGirls 08-13-2010 10:03 AM

Question about fat transfer in lips
I had a fat transfer done in my cheeks and wanted my PS to also do a fat transfer in my lips. He said in his experience the fat transfer in lips doesn't usually last that long so he felt for the expense it wasn't worth it. I was wondering if anyone had fat injected in their lips and what their experience was.

I am disappointed that I didn't get it done because I really wanted fuller lips. I am guessing it is too late know.....:( I have tried the LipFusion XL and that doesn't seem to work. Lip implants are more expensive than I thought and I didn't want to bother with fillers because I can't be bothered with the upkeep......


GardenGirls 08-14-2010 01:55 PM

I ended up doing research online about fat transfer in the lips and I am willing to take the risk on having my PS do it for me. Information I came across says results are a letter better than they used to be years ago but to still expect some of the fat not to take. I figure that I am not looking for anything too crazy; I am happy with the shape and crossbow of my lips but they are on the flat side; not much outward dimension. I think as long as they end up with more fat then I currently have then that would still be better than not doing it, especially for the price. I am very happy he is going to honor the discounted price but just do it under local anesthesia instead. At that price it would be very comparable to the cost of filler anyway so I felt it is worth to take the chance. :)

Envyme 08-16-2010 11:11 AM


Just curious how much is he charging you?

GardenGirls 08-16-2010 11:26 AM

If I went through with it while he did the main procedure it would have been an additional $750. Now that I am going back he would do it with a local anesthetic and said he would honor the discounted price.

WonderWoman2009 08-23-2010 09:36 PM

When are you thinking of getting this done, I have also thought about getting this and injections in my cheeks I'm in the Charlotte area too?

GardenGirls 08-23-2010 09:49 PM

I am having my lips done on Thursday. I really hope it works out but I can't expect too much for the first fat transfer into the lips. My PS said because you are constantly moving the area it is hard for the most of the fat to stay permanent. He isn't sure how much of it would stay but I really want to try. The bad thing is it isn't going to be as cheap as I thought. They are hitting me with a $250 "table" fee. They said the $750 is just covering the PS fees, not the supplies. That I am not happy about.....

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