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biggirl46 06-20-2013 09:09 PM

what to expect???
I decided to try out a lip filler and see if bigger lips are really what I want. I think after seeing me on my 3 mth f/u, and discussing about it shortly, the doctor decided to use Restylane.
either way, I haven't done much reasearch on lip enhancement, as I did for my BA. So knowleagdeable ladies, help m out!

What do I expect on the 27th, when my appt is scheduled?
Is there anybody here that didn't have any bruising and very little swelling? Is that possible?
When you are swollen, do you look like a freak? I am going to the race track the evening of my procedure and I am freaking out. If it's a little swollen, I can play it off. If it looks like somebody just punched me in the face, I might just have to hide :(
so, will it be "ugly duckling":???

Pipelinekristen 06-20-2013 09:20 PM

I just had juvaderm a week ago and am just starting to look normal. I was really swollen and bruised really bad. My sister had juvaderm and was Not as bad as me. I think you will be fine. I bet you its because i smoke and am vascular. I looked like i got punched in face. Next time i will buy some Arnica, that's what I wish I was told to buy. Helps with bruising and swelling I heard. I went out the next night with swollen upper lips and bruising and I did not care. Just say you got hit in the face with a baseball. Lol. Just try it and maybe you will have better luck than me. I know for myself, a week to 10 days full recovery.

biggirl46 06-21-2013 03:07 PM

Thank you! That was pretty much what I had planned, lol... just tell them I got hit. I am def a little worried, but it is what itis. I made up my mind and will go along with the procedure.

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