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Newbies (INTRODUCTIONS ONLY) New members - Use this forum to introduce yourself. Please limit posts here to introductions, post your breast augmentation questions in the General Breast Augmentation forum.

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Introduction by Playagirl

Hello Girls,
I've been reading this forum for weeks and have finally set up my avatar and this is my first post. The pictures you all have put on are awesome! I am so disappointed with my saggy Cs. I am looking forward to learning a lot. I want to go big, but I work out and jog and I don't want to have to wear 2 bras. I am more fearful of going too small than too big, but hope to get what I want the first time around.

As with new things I made a mistake and asked questions in my first post. Sorry.
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Welome Playagirl

Hey there, I don't remember if I made an introduction post, but welcome to the site!! I had been reading the forums for months before I joined, and it's so informational and supportive. I am curious with your level of physical activity, and not wanting to wear 2 bras if you have first hand experience of large implants. Do you have a friend or family member who has shown you before & after pix or let you touch them, feel them move around? Since it's your first BA it would be great if you could really get a feel for implants that large on a woman's body. I just had revision surgery to put my overs under and I went bigger, to a higher profile because I loved my big round boobs that some people might think looked fake, but I think they looked very natural- a matter of opinion I guess. Anyhow, the 500cc's high profile pushing against my pecs from the inside for the last 9 days makes me imagine you are looking at over the muscle, or dual plane, or maybe an internal bra? I woke up with my 421cc silicone overs in the hospital and thought I was HUGE, until the swelling went down, and just when the "Oh my, what have I done?" wore off, I was thinking, "Oh, good, they are still big!" but running and being active was definitely going to stretch the fascia and skin a lot faster if I didn't wear restricting garments. I loved to go without a bra and dance, show off, and I perform in a rock band, so bra-less went over very well, but gravity takes overs down a bit and at varying speeds based on your own physiology. Please, tell me how you decided on such large implants for your first BA... curious

44 years young, Mother of 3... happily breast fed. Sexy singer 5'5" 125lbs, pre-op 34 B but thin, first BA 2009 421cc Silicone over the muscle through the crease, 34DD; developed CC on right side capsulectomy & revision to 500cc HP Silicone unders 6/12/12. One slipped through immediately had to wait 3 mos for second revision 9/18/12 to put lefty back under and finally areola lift on 4/9/13, but slow to heal due to spitting stitches & significant stitch abscess. Lots of public albums, abscess pix are graphic.
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Hello MusicalMamma,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Actually, I had been a 34 F most of my life, but after breastfeeding and weight loss, they are now a saggy C. So my first thought was to get at least what I had in the beginning and I thought 500 cc's might do it. However, while I was living in ******** I met lots of Thai girls who had implants. One in particular that I thought had the right size for her frame had 450 ccs. Since I am double her size I began to rethink things and figured I might have to go double what she did to get the same look. Also Dr. Revis in FL said he would put them under if I use him and I had read that that also downsizes them a bit. It is really confusing. One girl says this and another says that, but everybody is different so it is so difficult to know what that size will look like on your body. Pictures do not help much either and can't always give a good idea if you can't see the whole body, but I am a one shot type of person and I really don't want to go to small and be miserable. It is so hard to explain to a PS that you want to be somewhere between Betty Boop and Dolly Pardon lol!
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09-26-2017 02:06 AM
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