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Newbies (INTRODUCTIONS ONLY) New members - Use this forum to introduce yourself. Please limit posts here to introductions, post your breast augmentation questions in the General Breast Augmentation forum.

Yet another newbie

Old 10-18-2020, 11:41 AM
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Yet another newbie

I'm a newbie here despite having registered nearly a decade ago. I created the profile just before leaving for a cross-country trip but forgot to post before we set out on a cross-country trip a couple days later. I had decided to include a few surgeon consultations on that trip as I'm looking for larger size and some friends who did the same had good results with those ones, and since we would be in the area...

However, it immediately became obvious that I was married to someone who claimed to support me in having the surgeries I wanted but whose actions were the opposite. During our divorce years later there was a confession that the ever-growing spending, which had increased every time I cut an expense or got a raise/promotion, was to ensure that I couldn't save for surgery, that forcing me into very high personal credit card debt and struggling to make minimum payments was to ensure my credit rating meant loans to fund surgery were out of reach, and the promises to support me having surgery were lies to keep me complaint. Being Generation X I use MC Hammer as a way to explain it: I totally understand how he ended up bankrupt after making so much money. My ex claimed surprise and bafflement that the confession failed to cause me to come running back and instead was the permanent end of any reconciliation because I saw it as betrayal. I had a party to celebrate the day my divorce was final at long last (we were in a state with a 1 year separation period requirement.)

The next few years were not easy as I worked to rebuild my life, particularly since I got most of the debt (my 401k ended up being by far the biggest asset in the marriage, and I was able to hold onto that.) I went through loans to consolidate the debt and get it at a slightly better interest rate, then used the improvement in my credit rating to refinance that at far better rates, etc. I relocated to start a new life without my ex interfering every week (living in the same city proved impossible) and I have even remarried. I'm finally closing on being in the position I thought I was so long ago and believe I can soon make my surgeries happen and feel I can begin to let myself have that hope.
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