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Newbies (INTRODUCTIONS ONLY) New members - Use this forum to introduce yourself. Please limit posts here to introductions, post your breast augmentation questions in the General Breast Augmentation forum.

Finally scheduled my BA consultation!

Old 01-14-2021, 02:38 PM
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Finally scheduled my BA consultation!

Hi everyone, I've been lurking this forum for a while and wanted to pop in and say hello. This site has helped me a lot with my BA research so I wanted to thank you all for sharing your experiences and I hope I can share mine. I don't know when my surgery date is going to be but I have a consultation scheduled with Dr. Daniel Barrett in Beverly Hills in late February. I've been thinking about breast augmentation for a long time, my only other experience with plastic surgery was a rhinoplasty procedure last year but for some reason getting my chest operated on makes me a lot more nervous than my face! I guess I'm scared about not being able to move my arms or do things for myself.

I'm 5'3" and about 108 lbs, don't know my BWD measurements yet. I'm 26 with no children and my current bra size is 30B from Victoria's Secret. I look like a 32A though (29.5-inch rib cage, 32-inch bust). When I try to wear bras that use the +5 technique for the band size I end up in negative sizes and it's just really hard to find anything that fits.

I'm not sure what bra size I want to fit into after surgery, and since they're all so different depending on the brand I don't want to get hung up on that too much. Just hoping to go from looking like an A to looking like a full B or a small C. I definitely don't want to be top-heavy, just want to be in proportion with my hips and rear and have natural-looking breasts. I've been gravitating towards photos of implants between the 200-300cc range and my gut feeling tells me to stay under 300ccs, but who knows until my consultation with the surgeon. And my favorite results so far that I've found online (bringing those photos in as my "breast goals") didn't mention what size implants were used. I've read in some threads that petite women get more improvement from a smaller implant? Then again, I've also seen photos of petite-looking women with 300ccs that look tiny on them so I'm sure the chest and BWD measurements are important there. Also trying not to get too preoccupied with cc size and focus more on my results, but it's hard to ignore all these numbers I keep seeing!

Anyway, I hope this wasn't too long-winded of an introduction. I'm looking forward to reading more threads and as I proceed with my consultation and schedule my surgery date I will keep the forum abreast (sorry couldn't resist... I'm sure that joke has been made a million times before on here) of my BA journey!
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