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Nipple Surgery / Areola Surgery Discuss the correction of inverted nipples, nipple reduction, areola reduction, etc. in this forum.

Aerola Reduction

Old 06-21-2008, 06:57 PM
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Aerola Reduction

Hey everyone! New to the forum, lurked a bit and ran some searches. Hoping you guys can help me out a bit!! Any help/advice is HUGELY appreciated =)

Ive been wanting areolar reduction for the longest time. Im 19, a 34D Natural, 5'7 150, athletic, and am really comfortable with my body.. everything but my areolas. They are 3.5" measured across the nipple, aka HUGE. Im a 34D and they take up a lot of my breast, definitely not proportional. it disgusts me when I'm naked, they always bulge out of demi-bras and bathing suits, Im just so sick of them and am ready for a reduction.

I went and spoke to 2 different doctors here in South Florida. One told me that it was a very simple procedure, easy to do, I was a great candidate. He mentioned a lot about the potential of scarring and that sometimes nipples can lose sensitivity, etc. But I already have NO sensitivity in my nips. Cant feel a damn thing, which I wish could be changed =/. The 2nd doc said that she loved my breasts and wouldn't do the surgery on me. She said, there is no sense in fixing something that isnt broken. I left her office in tears, she bummed me out and I tried to just move on and embrace my body as it is. But im sick of this and its time. 1 yr later im really serious about this and want to have the procedure.

Has anyone here had areola reduction? how is the scarring? Are the new nipples proportional in size? Can a slight lift be done at the same time? Overall satisfaction? Im DYING for more info and encouragement! im so glad I found this site!!!

Thanks guys =)
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Old 06-21-2008, 07:28 PM
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I'm having my BA on Tuesday and having an areola reduction at the same time. I'm a 36 A/34 B in push up bras and my areola takes up what seems like my whole boob. My PS says that the average areola is 40mm and mine are 52mm. Since the areola stretches some after a BA, I've opted to go through the areola and have it reduced at the same size. No sense in have pretty perky boob with HUGE brown cookies covering them up.

I know for sure that you can have it done and have a lift at the same time. But I've never done that so I can't tell you anymore info.

I sure will let you know my experience after it's over
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