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V.M.BrownEyes 10-25-2015 07:14 AM

Goal: Erect Nipple
I love my boobs, I mean I love em. Every day I squeeze 'em and admire them in the mirror, I still haven't gotten over them (which is a good thing, I think). They're fantastic. One thing I don't like, though, is that they don't look as "pretty" when my nipple is un-aroused. Does anyone know if there's a way to get permanently erect nipples (are there surgical procedures for this?) I've read you can use toothpaste, which works for about 15 minutes, or you can use chilli cream but that burns (obviously). I know there are some women who don't want permanently hard nipples, but I think I would prefer it; because I wear mostly lined bras, it would be just for me/the hubby to enjoy.

TigHun 10-25-2015 07:42 AM

I would love that too :) after BA my nipples don't get hard, when it's cold they stay same :( I hope this is just nerves not being regenerated yet and can't wait for hard nips

KittyLuvr 01-01-2016 03:48 PM

I wish i could do that too. I looked into "nipple implants" a few years ago, but there isn't really anything. I love how my aereolas look, but since the skin is stretched tight, my nipples are permanently flat - I'd rather the headlights be permanently on LOL

Maman-de-3 01-02-2016 05:48 AM

Few year ago, I had my nipple pierced and they were always bigger, not erect but look like erect in thin tank top without bra. So is probably one solution to get the look that you want. Personally, I remove them because I take the decision to breastfeed my last baby and is take too time to remove and re-install them . So I'm not sur but I probably get done in future when my mommy makeover are completely healed.

FitnessFreak 01-03-2016 07:11 PM

I also hope I get this look post BA. Way sexier than "flat" nipples. I want to look cold all the time. lol

SLH1974 01-04-2016 07:53 AM

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I also prefer the look of a full areola and erect nipple. Before my BA I asked my PS if the BA would affect my areola and nipple size. He told me that it is possible and does increase size for some women but there were no guarantees. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones, and both the size of my areola and nipple increased post-BA. Despite the size increase, I still wasn't happy and wanted more. I began using a breast pump before my BA and didn't see much change so I stopped using it. After my BA I wanted to try again, thinking that I may get better results. I have been using mine 3-4 days a week for the past 9-10 months and have gotten great results! While not "permanently fully erect" my nipples are definitely more perky and never completely hide like they used to - they are now protruding constantly. I can't speak to the science behind it other than the fact that it increases blood flow to the area, which seems to have a positive affect on both size and sensitivity. My first pump disappeared in a move, so I had to buy another one, but got a good deal on ebay for the same one I had bought before. I recommend electric over manual and double over single. The one I've purchased two of is a Playtex. You don't need to use the bottles since you won't be collecting milk. I have been using mine on the medium setting for 5 minutes at a time, 3 days per week. It works for me! I hope you get similar positive results! Don't go crazy and use the max setting for more than a few minutes. Start slow and go with consistency over big power. When I first started again after my BA, I was doing 20 minutes at time on the max setting and it made a mark on my boob that freaked me out. I had to call my PS for reassurance! Keep in mind that post BA, your breasts are more sensitive and the skin over your breasts is much thinner, and therefore more susceptible to harm!

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