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BBL: How much weight do you have to gain?

Old 08-05-2018, 01:11 PM
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BBL: How much weight do you have to gain?

I am planning on getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, but I am a naturally slim girl. I have nice size butt, but I want a booty! lol Now that I got my boobs done a while back ago I feel like a BBL would balance my whole frame.

Has anyone gotten this procedure done that can tell me if you were required to gain lots of weight or is there a forum out there for BBL like there is for implants?

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Old 08-18-2018, 06:00 PM
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Most surgeons feel comfortable around at least 140lb mark and less than 180lb. That way you'll have enough fat to notice a difference. And not too much where they feel uncomfortable operating on a heavier patient. Of course this all depends on height. A good rule of thumb is a height weight chart. You want to be around your max weight to no more than 30lb heavier than that. Women that are over 30lbs overweight come with higher health risks usually in accordance to anesthesia. There are doctors that specialize in smaller patients 145 and below, you just have to look around. I've been planning on getting mine done 2019, I've seen tons of before and after and the best results are usually 140lb or greater. The waist is the smallest it can go even with being so overweight. I plan on getting 2 rounds of BBL but we'll see how the first BBL and BA goes. �� Good Luck
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