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Krau vs Moises Salama vs Lenny Roudner

Old 10-17-2020, 08:13 AM
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Post Krau vs Moises Salama vs Lenny Roudner

Hi Ladies! I'm new here and could really use some help/guidance on my decision. I've been going back and forth debating for almost 3 years now. Quick background:

- I'm 30 yrs old and need a lift + implants. My breasts are pretty saggy (I would say grade 2 ptosis), and a very small B (32B). I'm looking to go nice and big. The best way I like to put it, is "as big as possible while still having some bounce" softness, overall big, natural, full look. I really haven't determined what that size would be yet but I'm thinking it's somewhere in the 400-500cc range. I think I will probably be going somewhere in the middle.

- So far I've had consults with Dr. Ary Krau, Lenny Roudner, and Moises Salama. Obviously Krau is like critically acclaimed, but I've also heard horror stories and nightmares about him botching girls, also I wasn't able to get an "Actual" in-person or even facetime consultation as he reviewed everything through just pics alone. The same goes for Dr. Moises Salama, he reviewed my pics and also said I'm a good candidate for breast lift + lift, what sold me on him was his before afters and overall seemingly positive patient experience. Lastly, I personally consulted over the phone with Dr. Lenny Roudner also famously known as "Dr. Boobner", I absolutely love the precision and cleanness of his work and barely there scarring. However, he's pretty old now (I think around 75), and that is sort of concerning to me- would that be a shallow reason to be concerned?

I would be saving the most money going with Dr. Krau, or Salama. Although money isn't my major concern, I really just want to go with whoever is guaranteed to give me the best most positive, and safe outcome.

I'm feeling extremely indecisive and don't really know what to do. I'm very distraught over how indecisive I've been feeling so any of you girl's suggestion/ input or experience would mean the world. I plan to keep everyone posted on this journey.

ESPECIALLY IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFO OR BREAST EXPERIENCE WITH DR. SALAMA, I really need more research on him since it's extremely hard to find anything about his breast lifts anywhere other than ********. It would be great to hear from someone who's gone to him.

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Old 10-19-2020, 06:07 PM
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Ive seen women go to all three surgeons. If it were me id choose Dr. Salama.
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Old 10-20-2020, 09:01 AM
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Thank you for your input. Can you give me any context on why? What kind of experiences did they have with him or the other surgeons? Do you guys think Dr. Lenny Roudner is too old now???
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