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ittybittytittie 01-08-2021 12:12 PM

San Francisco Bay Area surgeons?
Would love to get some recommendations! Planning a simple implant exchange. My first PS was amazing but he's on the other side of the country.

bayareamom 02-22-2021 10:13 AM

Im in the same predicament, unfortunately I don't think there are any great surgeons out this way which is why Im thinking Im going to have to head down to Southern California, Beverly Hills area.

I was researching Dr. Joseph Mele. If anyone has feedback regarding him would love to hear.

My first augmentation was done here in the Bay Area with Dr. Lauren Greenburg in Palo Alto 13 years ago. She was great but I was never totally happy with her scar technique and she left my breasts with an areola that still looked like I had just gotten off the pump. My areola's stretched during pregnancy and from pumping. When I lost weight I was still left with the "pregnancy areola's." Inexperienced, I just assumed they would look better post breast lift, they didn't. She as a surgeon never touched on the subject during consults. It wasn't until after surgery, when I complained that she offered another surgery that I again would have to pay for plus surgery fee's etc to work on the areola's. No thanks. The areola can scar if not addressed by an expert with a great scar technique.

Why do surgeons leave so many women with these areola? They literally are the center of the breast and play such a factor in overall appearance. Like you lifted the breast but left the areola droopy? Makes no sense at all and I see this far too much in after photos.
This is something I want to address this time around, so in addition to a great surgeon, Im specifically looking for one that is a specialist in areola reduction.

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