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Plastic Surgery for the Body This forum is dedicated to discussions about plastic surgery from the neck down, including tummy tucks, liposuction, butt augmentation, labiaplasty, and anything else that surgically enhances the body.

Brazilian Butt Lifts Pics Uploaded

Old 11-07-2020, 02:29 PM
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Post Brazilian Butt Lifts Pics Uploaded

Some of you have asked for pictures previously and my Experience with the procedure. Well after much Procrastination I finally have them uploaded in my Photo Album. However you have to add me to see them since theyre private pictures.

Brazilian Butt Lift is a fat transfer procedure where the surgeon will liposuction stomach, sides, back and then transfer the fat to sculpt out hips and butt for an hourglass shape or bubble butt or athletic butt...whatever you discuss.

I originally consulted in Winter 2018 and I had my surgery January 2020 in Miami Florida with a very experienced BBL surgeon. I told my surgeon to focus on my hips then put whatever was leftover in my butt it took 1.5-2hrs to complete. State law prohibits liposuction more than 9-11lbs unless done in the hospital so keep that so mind if you want to do the procedure. Weight is a big deal when it comes to BBL when u want a certain look or shape because if you weigh too much the difference is less noticeable and if youre too thin...same thing. So there really is a happy medium when it comes to getting a BBL. Alot of surgeons go by Body mass index minimum 23-32 maximum. I was 29 bmi on surgery day. The recovery was very rough I needed physical assistance for 6 days to get up, use the bathroom, shower, have my meals prepared for me. I was able to function on my own day 6 but i still couldnt lift heavy things until nearly week 3. I took 2 weeks off work which is actually the standard time off for BBL procedures. I couldnt physically drive until 12 days post op. It was very challenging to twist my torso or look around whilst seated because of the lipo pain and stiffness in my torso.

I sat on a butt pillow starting day of surgery. I started sitting without a butt pillow Day 10 post op. I didnt lose any fat as you can see in my pictures. Fat cells have to go 2 days without blood supply for them to die so 1 hour of sitting or 10 hours of sleeping on your back doesnt put any of it in jeopardy. Usually surgeons inexperienced in the procedure will give some abnormally long no sitting time frame that he heard from patients scared to sit. some women wait 1 month or 2 months or 3 months but its just a mental hurdle at that point. It is painful/uncomfortable to sit at first but its normal for everyone. I would sit on soft surfaces for 2 or 3 minutes whenever i got up to go do something and then every day id add a few extra minutes. 5 minutes, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 1hr and so on. I was sitting with no time limits by 6 weeks.

I gained 4 inches in hip/butt area and lost 4 inches from my waist. I went from medium to large in standard bottom sizes and now i have to get the waistband altered on alot of pieces. In jeans i went up only 1 size but its hard to explain because i fluctuated by 20 lbs this year and last year. Ive lost 18lbs since my bbl and my proportions have remained the same im just a skinnier version of me if that makes sense. You can see my weight lost overtime in my photo album. Im positive if i gained itd be like just how i was after surgery again. Thats the amazing thing about fat transfers. Unless you lose a drastic amount of weight like 50lbs/22kg, youll still be curvy. Just be a happy weight when you get this procedure is all I'll say.

I didnt tell anyone about me having the surgery except my friend. My family noticed without me telling but they said it looks good, natural yet curvy at the same time. My ex also noticed. I was shaped like a rectangle before surgery and now i have curves.

You will need physical assistance after surgery so dont go without a friend or nurse. I hired a nurse. Stock up on heavy items at home like cases of water because i couldnt physically lift things from the floor until nearly 2 weeks. You will have post-op blues after surgery for a few months at most so get ready for the crazy PMS on steroid symptoms like hormonal acne, rashes, hair increase/loss, bloating, irregular period, hyper-fertility, sex drive changes, appetite increase/decrease, lactation, crazy mood swings of pointless crying or anxiety about the most normal things. Pick a surgeon experienced in Brazilian Butt Lifts dont go to your local favorite Breast doctor unless he's popular for this procedure or you may end up highly disappointed in results.The worst part of recovery was the liposuction not the fat transfer. The painful stiff lipo areas made it most difficult to do alot of things. My butt was swollen but painless unless pressure was on it. Wear loose fitting dresses you wont be able to get in pants unless theyre sweatpants or thin loose leggings. Get lymphatic massages, youll be 4lbs heavier with fluid pockets and very stiff like tin man, the lymphatic massages get rid of fluid and help so youre more flexible.

Final thoughts:
I have no regrets on getting this done. I would 100% do it again. In fact, I have my own body goals for myself and I want to go a bit bigger on my ass for projection and touch up on lipo. So I will be getting a 2nd BBL in Winter 2021 a year or so from now. Next time im going to Colombia for my 2nd BBL and to get Veneers.
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