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momwantsitbig 09-25-2020 02:20 AM

What look do I have?
Please vote and help me!

What kind of look do I have for you?

Please go to my profile and check out my album.

Im currently 2.5 month post op....

Fake: obviously augmented/upper-pole/huge
Fake-Natural: they're so perfect that people suspect
Natural: looks like good genetics/proportionate


momwantsitbig 10-11-2020 04:43 AM

uploaded a new album today

Music 12-08-2020 03:10 AM

Girl you look awesome! I voted #2. Do you mind sharing who your surgeon was? I'd be thrilled to have your results.

Crlygrly 01-24-2021 12:02 PM

I vote #2 fake natural. Supernatural! Meaning better than natural. Perfect

Supermom4 02-01-2021 01:35 PM

I'm going back for my second surgery in March, it's been 9 years since my first. I am wanting the look you have! Going from 375 to 485cc this time!

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