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QOTW- off topic April 13

Old 04-13-2015, 08:39 PM
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Question- tell us about your best friend! What qualities do you look for or are you drawn to for friends?

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Old 04-13-2015, 10:51 PM
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Had several

I can't say I have a best friend at the moment. I have had friends along the way that as I go along with whatever is going on in my life I form bonds and relationships that coincide with that.

When in school, friends I had common interests with. When in work force friends I worked with and felt a strong sense of same ideas or goals. When kids were young and starting family, friends who also were in that place in their lives, growing families. And now, friends who we get together and enjoy good times and celebrate holidays and memories together.

I haven't really lost a friend, but rather we would grow apart and move in different directions.
My sister used to be my best friend but these last two years have been a struggle with me being stupid busy running two business and she feel like I abandoned her and don't talk anymore. I tried to explain, I even only talk to my children sometimes every couple weeks, doesn't mean I don't love the, just means we are all busy. And have tried to reconnect but she has done some hurtful things recently and I am just at a point now that I don't care anymore. Sad.... But true. But that being said, it also is that we are at different places in our lives and I am moving forward and she is still stuck.

My husband will have always been my best friend. I share everything with him, and I am sure I get annoying, but hey, it's all about being able to communicate without judgement.

What do I look for, honesty, laughter, a good listener but willing to say it like it is without passing judgement but rather being able to express their views and help me see the whole picture sometimes when my vision is blurred. Someone you can trust.

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Old 04-14-2015, 03:08 AM
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I have two besties - my husband and a girlfriend from work. Hubby because he is my life partner and the most genuine, honest and supportive person I have ever met. My work girl because I can be at my silliest, my sadest or my absolutely craziest around her without holding back (I can around hubby too, but it's different with a gf). They both put up with my bad moods, my incessant babbling and my stupid jokes (and sometimes they laugh at them too!) I can tell either of them ANYTHING and not feel uncomfortable or judged. They both are not afraid to tell it like it is. And they both give great hugs. Two different kinds of relationships, one obviously as my husband is true love, sexy times, building a beautiful home together and realising our dreams for the future. And the other my gf who I can talk to about all that girly stuff that only girls really get, dance like our lives depend on it when the right song comes on and always have a good old laugh about nothing. I feel like they both understand me, and love me for me and will always be there if and when I need them. They're both irreplaceable.

And may I just say what a lovely thread this is my heart feels really warm after writing that little spiel, and I'm going to tell both of them exactly why I love them first thing tomorrow.

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Old 04-14-2015, 05:05 AM
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My husband counts as one of my best friends, but it's a different kind of best friend than what a girlfriend would be. He knows me better than anyone on the planet and I can count on him more than anyone.

My other best friend, I've known since fourth grade, but we didn't become besties until high school, around our junior or senior year. We started getting close after each of us had other "besties" who just up and stopped being our friend. It was weird that it happened at all, but when it happened to both of us at the same time, we bonded over it.

We can talk about anything and agree on most things. We've never fought or gotten annoyed with one another. We can go forever without talking to one another and just pick right back up where we left off when we do. She is a friend I will have for life. I don't know what I'd do without her.
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Old 04-17-2015, 03:28 PM
Enjoy life for the fullest. It has an expiration date.
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My best, best friend ever, the one I could share absolutely everything with, is now traveling the USA in an RV with her new man. So we can't see each other, but we keep in touch all the time. While I deeply miss her physical presence in my life, she's still there for me as much as is possible, as I am for her.

What am I drawn to? A person who enjoys the same activities that I do. A person who is creative. A person who speaks her mind and tells me what I need to hear. A person I can trust implicitly with any and all secrets. I'm not always as good a person as I aspire to be. She knows that, and doesn't judge and we can discuss things. It goes both ways. I do the same for her. Plus, we have had an insane number of good times and laughter together. I'm blessed that she's part of my life. I know she'd say the same of me. I miss her. I am tearing up as I write this. But she's happy and I am very happy for her.

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Old 04-18-2015, 01:33 PM
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My besties is a Taurus like me so we are so much alike...lol. I like girls that keep it real. No BS, don't play games, genuine and tell the truth. I like that I can be the same way with someone. I have a lot of surface relationships, but only have a few close friends.
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Old 05-29-2015, 10:40 AM
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my bff and i have been close for about 15 years. shes a few years younger but we both have the same personality. shes a hell raiser in a fun way like me. shes just got a wild streak and thats really what i need after long weeks at workand kid stress to be able to blow off steam and let loose
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Old 05-29-2015, 12:33 PM
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my "friends" suck!

Accepting friend applications in the SoFla area

Just want someone who isn't flaky and who I can go out with and have some dinner/drinks occasionally and talk to other than my BF

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Old 05-29-2015, 12:50 PM
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So easy for me - two best friends:

Husband: He is so amazing, supportive, loving - he makes me feel like someone has my back no matter what. I would be so lost without him, he makes me feel safe.

His sister, my best friend: would drop anything and rush to my side and she has many times, have been best friends since we were about 13 years old and we are now 51. We have been thru teenage crushes, smoking, pot, drinking, broken hearts - you name it, I guess when you have known someone that long.......

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