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  1. What look do I have?
  2. What size & type (saline etc) of implant do you have and how long is your incision?
  3. How much was your surgery?
  4. Silicone - when did yours get squishy?
  5. test
  6. Regrets?
  7. Still changing 12 to 18 months
  8. How Many CC's Do You Have?
  9. When you lay down, do your breasts...
  10. Number of Breast augmentations
  11. How long have you had one set of implants?
  12. When did they feel YOURS?
  13. Complications
  14. Reactions after natural looking BA
  15. My size
  16. How do implants feel after healing?
  17. Do your boobs bounce
  18. BA in Hospital or Surgery Center?
  19. How accurate were your sizers?
  20. Your surgeon: man or woman?
  21. Losing sensation
  22. Reasons for revision surgery
  23. How many BA's did you have?
  24. After one year or more: How is your sensitivity?
  25. At what age did you give your kid a cellphone?
  26. I am 57
  27. Does your BA improve your intimacy and why?
  28. Is it to soon to get a consultation
  29. Result after surgery
  30. What kind of phone do you have?
  31. Did you or your PS choose the implant?
  32. What kind of bra do you wear post-BA?
  33. Photos during consult??
  34. Shopping: Online or Instore
  35. How is you summer tan?
  36. Accurate before and after example pics from your surgeon?
  37. Are you open about the fact youve had work done?
  38. Which facial chemical peel do you think is best?
  39. How to search forum by stats?
  40. Melbourne surgeons?
  41. What look were/are you going for?
  42. Why are general reactions about BA so negative?
  43. For Botox ladies..... What age did you start getting Botox?
  44. Poll- 1,000 cc plus ladies?
  45. Size for the wise
  46. Who has 1,200cc and up?
  47. Petite ladies cc's (<5'4")
  48. Tummy sleeping
  49. Where is everyone from?
  50. Do you get botox?
  51. How long did it take to D&F
  52. Which placement
  53. Which surgeon should I choose- totally different recommendations on size and shape!
  54. New guy im seeing wants to swing?
  55. CCs to take skinny 32A/32AA to full C/baby D?
  56. What incision(s) did you use to get your breast augmentation?
  57. What bra measuring method do you prefer?
  58. How did you finance your BA?
  59. Do you have piercings?
  60. rough lovin
  61. When was your BA?
  62. Which profile? (easier to see results)
  63. Perscriptions
  64. Did you get hornier post BA
  65. What's your personality type? (mbti)
  66. Fake or Natural look?
  67. Outdoor tanning or tanning bed?
  68. When did you feel "normal"?
  69. How much booby greed do you have?
  70. Do you prefer the natural or fake look?
  71. What is your implant brand?
  72. What is your pre-surgery body shape?
  73. how many languages can you speak?
  74. How many years after BA did you need a revision for complications?
  75. Does Privacy Matter? Even if You Have Nothing to Hide?
  76. implants
  77. Do you believe in Superstitions & Folklore
  78. 4 Great Mysteries of life...choose!
  79. BA and the wind instrumentalists
  80. How old were you when you got implants?
  81. What else is on your Care Credit?
  82. What other plastic surgery procedures do you want?
  83. What other plastic surgery procedures have you had?
  84. Have you ever had botox?
  85. How long do your bras last, in general?
  86. Handbag Style
  87. Incision site?
  88. Cigarette Smokers
  89. Breast size changes during D&F did you...
  90. Did you get CC with Overs or Unders?
  91. Waxing OR Sugaring
  92. Did You Breastfeed Prior to BA?
  93. From which continent are you
  94. cheating
  95. Boobie blues?
  96. Do you subtract the weight of your implants?
  97. High Heel or Sneakers?
  98. JBI app??
  99. how wide is your gap?
  100. For post-BA gals: Were your rice sizers accurate?
  101. How soon/years before kids?
  102. Hard or Soft???!!!
  103. What are the perfect boobs in your own definition?
  104. How much sleep are you getting?
  105. How long did it take for your tenting to COMPLETELY subside?
  106. Scarguard Post-op - Did it work or did you use something else?
  107. When did your gummy bear unders start to feel soft?
  108. Asymmetry and BA
  109. Did you have booby blues or were you happy right away?
  110. Best in Bed?
  111. Stretch Marks
  112. Who Are You Getting Your BA For?
  113. Did you have complications with first BA?
  114. Same or new PS?
  115. Eating After Midnight . . . Did You Do It?
  116. What types of reactions did you get/are you getting post-BA?
  117. Keeping your cell phone in your bra?
  118. If you had complications, when did they occur?
  119. How has your BA affected your sex life and love life?
  120. Are you more or less self-conscious post-BA?
  121. How Much Time
  122. Celebrity boob envy
  123. Best show watched in recovery
  124. Lip Idol
  125. Are you bisexual?
  126. Who smokes weed?
  127. Wish you had gone bigger or smaller
  128. engagement rings....
  129. Do you regret it?
  130. Breast feeding after BA
  131. Where did you have your BA?
  132. Vanity or Self-Improvement Project?
  133. What is the largest size of implant you would have ?
  134. Does the man/girl in your life love HUGE! boobs
  135. When did you grow breasts?
  136. How long did it take for your breast to settle?
  137. Did your GAP ever close up after D&Fing?!
  138. How long after meeting your SO did you become "exclusive"?
  139. Would you get the silicone "gummy bear" implants not FDA approved?
  140. breast implant asymmetry poll
  141. How many have close relatives (mother, sister, daughter, etc.) with implants?
  142. Who's had breast implants the longest?
  143. For girls who wanted "natural" look - are you happy with your size?
  144. tattoos :D
  145. We're your in office sizers accurate?!
  146. Capsular Contracture
  147. Silicone ladies! MRI frequency?
  148. Are you happy with your post-op bra size
  149. Capsule Contracture, if you had it vote please
  150. What's your hair color?
  151. cc/cup size.. Help please!
  152. POLL: Were you prescribed postop antibiotics?
  153. Did you spend the first week post op in a recliner or on a bed with lots of pillows?
  154. POLL: How did you meet your SO (if you have one)?
  155. How happy are you?
  156. How many of you with BA's had complications that require surgical revisions?
  157. Hiding money from your spouse?
  158. Introvert /extrovert and ccs?
  159. What is the number one comment you've received from others regarding your BA?
  160. How many cup sizes did you gain from your BA?
  161. Sizers?
  162. what is your ribcage measurement?
  163. How often do you log on to JBI
  164. How many sizes you pad/stuff your bras pre-BA?
  165. How painful was your recovery?
  166. just wondering...?
  167. How long have your silicone implants lasted?
  168. Did your procedures motivate you to workout more?
  169. Tanners, how frequent?
  170. Prominent Nipples good or bad
  171. Halloween??
  172. How often do you wash your bras?
  173. Would you want to be told?
  174. Lust or Love?
  175. Halloween Pets
  176. Would you rather be 1 cup size too small or 1 cup size too big?
  177. When did you D&F?
  178. 12 days out....
  179. Any problems running after BA?
  180. Endometrial Ablation vs mirena???
  181. How many ended up with two perfect matching boobies?
  182. Sex or Money?
  183. Get bigger from Drop and Fluff and when? poll added
  184. Was the recovery harder or easier than you expected?
  185. If you could change one thing about your boobs what would it be?
  186. Excuses during BA recovery?
  187. How many have rippling with silicone?...
  188. Already wanting bigger implants
  189. Which PS did you choose?
  190. Have you had a revision and were you glad that you did it?
  191. Before your BA, when you got boobie greed, did you..
  192. BWD versus Implant Width
  193. How long 'til you were back to your pre-BA workouts?
  194. If you could go back in time..
  195. How long did you contemplate getting a BA?
  196. Real big boobs vs Fake big boobs
  197. Wear A bra or Not to wear a Bra??
  198. How many breast augmentations
  199. Did you take Valium or muscle relaxers?
  200. How did you pay for your breast augmentation?
  201. How long did you wait to revise?
  202. How do you prefer your boobs?
  203. Did you drop and fluff or just drop?
  204. What profile looks most natural in your opinion?
  205. unsatisfied and depressed
  206. Favorite Victoria Secret Bra??
  207. What Weekday did you have your BA done?
  208. What month did you get your BA?
  209. Poll: Pre-BA...Rock what you got or Pad it up?
  210. Vote for the new JBI logo now! :)
  211. Ever had a dream about JBI??
  212. Tattoos?
  213. How long did your implants last ?
  214. poop!
  215. For those who have had their BA...
  216. Men and Implants
  217. Did you puke?
  218. Are you an exotic dancer?
  219. Is it possible to learn to do the splits later in life
  220. Were your implant sizers the same as your post op boobs?
  221. Do you have Mentor or Allergan (Natrelle)?
  222. How many cc's is too much?
  223. If your BA were videotaped, would you watch it?
  224. How many CC's did you "lose" once they were in?
  225. Do you have a navel piercing?
  226. Crease or areolar incision
  227. Saline Implants - Do you regret not going Silicone?
  228. Breasts look pointy!?
  229. American Idol poll
  230. Did/Does your PS use Drains?
  231. Significant others & THEIR past sexual partners
  232. Would You Travel outside your county for a BA
  233. Did a BA cause your inverted nipples to pop-out
  234. How many of you have had to have revisions?
  235. Have you experienced any BA complications after your first surgery?
  236. Stretch Marks?
  237. 700cc what size bra ??
  238. Did you came out of surgery wearing bandages or a surgical bra?
  239. Do you miss your old boobs?
  240. What is Favorite Type of Music?????
  241. Favorite MLB team
  242. Breast implant brand
  243. Under or over the muscle?
  244. 90210 fans
  245. Do you/did you have boobie greed? . . .
  246. 2+ months to decide...
  247. How many of you stuck with your PS's original size recommendation?
  248. Lipo poll
  249. When did your natural boobs start to grow?
  250. do you have a favorite boob?