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  1. Explant & Lift Query
  2. Do doctors also have a financial incentive for suggesting silicone over saline?
  3. Stratitce
  4. Is it every applicable for a thin person to get implants above the muscle?
  5. What to wear post BA months/years to bed?
  6. Please advise me !!
  7. Will my choice of implants be proportional?
  8. Help dr
  9. Capsular contracture questions
  10. What kind of suture/stitching do you use
  11. HP vs Mod + mentor
  12. Pendulous Implants?
  13. Is it possible to have subglandular implant with natural looking results?
  14. Size and type advice
  15. Small BWD. Can I go Mod +??
  16. More complications from certain incisions?
  17. sudden return of feeling
  18. how long before oral to nipple contact post op?
  19. Unusual pain
  20. Post Op Asymmetry
  21. Diathermy malfunction.
  22. Slightly herniated nipples?
  23. incision site and possible boob greed
  24. Tunnel Scars from TUBA
  25. Chest deformity and rounf implants
  26. looking to get a DD or DDD i am 5'3 115 pds may gain more
  27. Yoga and Large Breast Implants
  28. My troubled right breast...
  29. Reduction
  30. Pain and ripples
  31. Numbness in my lest hand
  32. Areolas pointing down and pulling in when Flexing
  33. Subfascial
  35. Accuracy of sizer's
  36. revision to correct tuberous shape
  37. Cost/breast cancer
  38. Concerned Please Help
  39. Dropping
  40. psoriasis/stelara
  41. Large implants on small frames
  42. Size Question
  43. Question on revision
  44. oozing or old blood?
  45. Taboo Recovery Question
  46. Menstrual Period
  47. How big can you go?
  48. Allergy to Sutures.
  49. Impacted wisdom teeth
  50. Singulair/Accolate for Capsular Contracture
  51. Mentor 400 Mod Plus Saline
  52. Are you familiar with Allergan Saline Implants?
  53. Confused about too big/small...
  54. Explant Question
  55. What do you think?
  56. TUBA and track marks
  57. Natural look implants in Japan?
  58. Bruise six days po
  59. plastic sugery and rh -
  60. unhappy with breast and pain in the left one
  61. BA scarring in Asian patients
  62. Size
  63. Downsizing/Double Bubble
  64. If only one side needs a Circumareolar lift...
  65. 1/2 Korean and worried about symmastia
  66. Advice & Other Random Things
  67. Complication rate increase with CC increase?
  68. Travelling from Canada
  69. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  70. In pain I don't know what to do I need help
  71. bottoming out
  72. cyst
  73. Tight skin wanting a softer upper pole
  74. Please take a look at my pics. LD? Right side BO? Different sizes....
  75. lift and implants at the same time?
  76. Should i wait?
  77. nor-cal girl needs so-cal help?
  78. Stumbled across your work and now I want to cancel my surgery next week!
  79. lift/sizing/overfilling help!
  80. Rhinoplasty, new bump
  81. 3rd of pain under right breast - please help!
  82. Please help!Scheduled 4/30/13 and have ribcage deformity and asymmetry !
  83. Opinion on 24 hour recovery BA
  84. Will using 12.8 bwd size cc mod+ while I'm 12.4cm bwd cause symmastia?
  85. incision types
  86. Asians have tighter skin?
  87. double bubble and weight gain
  88. Hello
  89. Failed BAs, recent discovery of Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Please help w advice?!
  90. Not sure to big.
  91. Lateral displacement possibly?
  92. Textured Implants and contracture rate
  93. Natural slope with implants.
  94. 3 years later and still have breast milk...
  95. Which incision is the best for future BA Lift?
  96. US VS Europe Implant Procedures- Question
  97. Implants too soon after breastfeeding
  98. complication rates
  99. TUBA for large implants first time
  100. too big?
  101. Too soon for a downsize revision?
  102. Preventing Capsular Contracture
  103. Are larger implants more prone to complications?
  104. Dear Dr. Kim
  105. Moderate v. Mod +
  106. boxy look after anchor lift
  107. Implant sliding
  108. XL implants
  109. 3 months post op. What is the cause of this?
  110. Complications with revisions
  111. Hypertrophic scaróWWYD?
  112. Chemical peel for breast lift scars
  113. Revision to go bigger???
  114. Implants with pectus excavatum?(pictures)
  115. 304cc vs 339cc natrelle style 15 silicone
  116. Exercise and BA
  117. Does every patient have some degree of CC?
  118. Can't decide! :/
  119. Small bump and numbness above incision
  120. What is the largest implant size you suggest?
  121. Welcome Dr. Kim