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  70. Dr Romano Or Dr Cohen?
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  73. Pre/Post Op Pictures
  74. Can I skip the crease lowering and raise my breast instead?
  75. When did yours have the final form?
  76. I have my surgery date!
  77. Pre BL/BA photos up
  78. Pre Tuberous pictures up
  79. The opinion of 1 PS
  80. Has anyone had a doughnut lift with their augmentation?
  81. Lift without implants
  82. Profiles and CC's for Tuberous
  83. No way to avoid double bubble?
  84. Mildly Tuberous--anyone have no scoring?
  85. how did you ultimately decide on your PS?
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  87. How many CCs max permitted?
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  98. anybody in the midwest have a ps who does tuberous reconstruction?
  99. Breast Feeding
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  101. Did anyone with tuberous breasts get sientra high profile...
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  104. how long did you have to wear your strap for?
  105. Do your breasts feel natural?
  106. when did you start liking your results?
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  117. saline or silicone
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  127. is it worth the BA
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  130. anatomical implants
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  132. insurance coverage
  133. insurance coverage
  134. Didn't even realise!
  135. textured implants for tuberous breasts
  136. I'm back with update/photos!
  137. Do you have HP or moderate and do you like them
  138. Any successful insurance stories?
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  141. Yea, stretch marks!
  142. Creases??
  143. What does this mean?
  144. Relieved
  145. Lower pole fullness ???
  146. Lower pole roundness immediately after surgery?
  147. 1 day post op
  148. saw my PS today, 3 month appointment
  149. Missing picking up my daughter/arm use
  150. The Bandeau
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  160. trying to remind myself not to judge them so soon but :( photo up
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  163. Who to tell?
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  166. Adjusting Post-Op
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  187. Finding the right PS?
  188. Finding the right PS?
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