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  1. Flying out to Beverly Hills in 8 hours.
  2. Revision BA in Bangkok in January - help!
  3. Road trip one week after surgery
  4. Anybody knows about BA in Korea?
  5. 2 weeks till surgery!
  6. Boob Greed and Germany
  7. Experiences in Belgium/Poland?
  8. Thailand by myself
  9. ORLANDO PEOPLE!? Recommendations!
  10. BOOKED! Dr Revis for my second BA
  11. Debating where to get my fourth ba at
  12. Medical tourism insurance: help!
  13. No Post op appointments?!
  14. Information On BA in Thailand Or Malaysia
  15. Anyone get their BA in Thailand/Lebanon?
  16. Canadians travelling to Dr Revis: Did you declare your boobs at customs?
  17. Air travel after BA?
  18. Travel Same Day As BA
  19. Has Anyone Gotten Their BAs or any PS in Croatia?
  20. Fort Lauderdale Marriott hotel and spa
  21. Flying after augmentation
  22. Mexico
  23. Traveling 2 weeks after
  24. Seeking a caregiver in Ft Lauderdale?
  25. High elevation
  26. Top Plastic Surgeons- Dr Bernardo
  27. Dr Ozge Ergun, Newage clinic
  28. Anyone Have Implants Done by Dr. Cabral in Dominican Republic?
  29. How long did you stay post op
  30. Traveling/pousti
  31. Beds
  32. BA in Lithuania anyone?
  33. Recovery Houses - what was your experience?
  34. Go home or stay in a hotel
  35. How soon after BA can you fly
  36. Belguim - Bert Oelbrandt
  37. Hurricane Season
  38. Traveled and now complications
  39. Driving to Ft. Lauderdale from Birmingham, AL
  40. Drive the next day
  41. Breast augmentation in korea
  42. Traveling from TX to FL via Car
  43. Hotel near Beverly Hills recommendations?
  44. Is there a certain airline you prefer/recommend for BA patients?
  45. Getting REVISed!!! Out of town, need advice from Revis Girls!
  46. BA with Dr. Benes, Forme Clinic, Prague
  47. Traveling Alone-Is a small carryon spinner and large purse enough?
  48. UK prices
  49. Travel Insurance??
  50. How long should I stay?
  51. Hotel Beds... Ugh!
  52. Asked to change my date??
  53. Traveling to see Dr. Krau...forgot about pre-op!
  54. ALL REVIS GIRLIES: Four Seasons Hotel?
  55. (backseat) driving long distance right after BA?
  56. Post op checkups by skype?
  57. Traveling to Fort Lauderdale to get REVIS-ed
  58. Cash payment
  59. Canadian ladies taking cash through customs??
  60. Air bnb
  61. Traveling to Dr. Costanzo in LA, CA
  62. Recovery House Belladonna Villa in Miami
  63. *Girls Traveling to Dr. Revis - Hotel Deal
  64. Just book and paid my deposit with Revis!!
  65. Traveling alone
  66. Afraid of traveling alone to Revis for BA ):
  67. Hotel suggestions for after surgery in Miami/Miami Beach area?
  68. Light sightseeing after BA?
  69. Dominican Republic?
  70. Dr. Lev in Costa Rica
  71. Over the phone consultation or fly in?
  72. Flying to Miami for consultations
  73. Brussels
  74. How to chose a "medical tourism" destination?
  75. Travel Insurance
  76. travelling 7-8 hours?
  77. Travel Insurance for Canadians travelling to USA
  78. Flying 2 days post-op
  79. Travel within the UK
  80. Traveling across the border from Canada - considerations?
  81. My flights are booked
  82. BabygirlBarbie's Mega Travel Guide.
  83. Traveling to the Dominican Republic
  84. Traveling to the Dominican Republic
  85. Doctors in Colombia?
  86. Traveling to Miami for Dr Ortega!!
  87. Canadian ladies who travelled to Ft. Lauderdale!
  88. Travelling from Toronto to Miami...
  89. I'm such a chicken!!
  90. 8 hours total in a plane?
  91. Nervous for a 2 hour car ride
  92. Is a 1.5 hour ride home after surgery do-able?
  93. BA in Buenos Aires
  94. Slightly freaking out over not knowing size ahead!
  95. Local consult before travel consult?
  96. Are there any UK girls that travelled abroad??
  97. South FLA / Miami
  98. Beachfront Hotels Near Revis?
  99. They keep changing my flights!
  100. Bed suggestions?
  101. 1 hour away, or 3,000 miles?
  102. Insurance for Canadian's travelling to the US for BA
  103. What to pack for out of town BA
  104. Ladies who've travelled from Europe to Miami. Best Travel Insurance
  105. Flying post op?
  106. Travelling to Belgium - Dr Plovier
  107. Ladies who Traveled to Revis
  108. Welcome to the new surgical travel forum!!
  109. Traveling and removing stiches at home...
  110. To those who travelled to the US from Canada
  111. Just Booked!!!!
  112. Travelling for your BA - Is three days post op enough?
  113. flying the day following my surgery
  114. Anyone travel alone for BA and regret it?
  115. BANGKOK in 1 day, scared!
  116. Who got assistance while flying?
  117. Dr Paveena Destination Beauty Bangkok
  118. traveling for BA
  119. Going to thailand?
  120. Has anyone had to travel a long distance the day after?
  121. boob jobs in Thailand
  122. BAs in Europe.
  123. Im terrified. Traveling for my BA. Night 1. There was a COCKROACH in my room.
  124. Anyone ever had their BA by themselves?
  125. Flying from NZ to Revis: 700-800ccs!
  126. So many questions for ladies who traveled!
  127. Luggage! Calling all BA travelers!
  128. Quick! Packing Help!
  129. "Out of town" surgery?
  130. Where to stay in Miami
  131. Traveling to Thailand for BA
  132. Destination Beauty? Restored Beauty Getaways?
  133. any advice for Canadians having surgery in florida
  134. BA in Bangkok through Destination Beauty
  135. Those who traveled for their BA, how did you plan your flights/after care?
  136. traveled/traveling for BA
  137. BA in Philippines?
  138. How far from home would you go to get a BA?
  139. Out of Town Patients of Dr. Pousti
  140. Missed my flight but surgery is on...
  141. Traveling for BA, how did you find the best priced flights/hotel deals?
  142. Friend telling me NOT to travel for BA
  143. Advice for surgery in Thailand?
  144. Just Scheduled!!!
  145. preparing to go to Thailand
  146. All Women That Travelled To The USA For BA
  147. How do you decide on an out of town PS?
  148. Anyone do their BA overseas?
  149. Out of town patients: how long did it take to recover and fly out?
  150. Australian girls - insurance coverage for overseas surgery news :)
  151. Had an amazing surgery in Thailand
  152. Out of Town Patients
  153. How many days to schedule out of town surgery?
  154. Travelling for Breast Augementation
  155. My upcoming journey to thailand to get my breast augmentation
  156. travelling for BA to Birmingham-please help
  157. Was going to travel from AB to NV, now not sure
  158. Ontario Ladies Travel to NY or Michigan?
  159. Any travellers out of country to get B.A. ?
  160. Recovery Travel
  161. Are there any Canadians who went to the stars for their procedure?
  162. What would you pack for your post-op recovery in a hotel?
  163. Ladies who travelled overseas...
  164. Any destination beauty ladies?
  165. Any ladies going overseas for surgery?
  166. Traveling to Dr. Hankins
  167. Traveling Tips...
  168. If you travelled for surgery
  169. Medical insurance for plastic surgery overseas
  170. What to pack??
  171. How many days should I stay when traveling for BA
  172. Anyone from Canada go to U.S. for BA?
  173. Overseas Breast Augmentation packages..
  174. Flying the day after..?
  175. Post-Op Appointments when Traveling?
  176. Going Abroad
  177. PS across the country? advise please!!
  178. Has anyone traveled to get their BA???
  179. Ladies who used an out of state PS...How was your follow up process
  180. Calling all Canadian Ladies who travelled elsewhere for their BA!!
  181. Question about traveling for BA
  182. Traveling for BA and sleeping
  183. Traveling for BA?
  184. Q for ladies who flew during recovery...
  185. ? about traveling to see Dr Revis