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Surgical Travel This forum is for discussing traveling for surgery.

Road trip one week after surgery

Old 05-21-2019, 12:52 PM
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Road trip one week after surgery

Hi guys! First post but have been reading the forums for about 2 weeks. I just just booked my surgery! It is in 2 months but in a different city. So my main task now is to figure out how to get there lol. My first choice would be to fly. I am bringing my family (making it a family trip to visit my parents in the city my surgeon is in). I was just checking flights and it is going to be way expensive considering we also need to rent a car and carseats when we get there. Flight would be about 2 hours making it ideal.

Second choice is road trip. Its about 16 hours. We typically do it in two days with long days of driving. So i guess my question is about pain and travel. If i were to do this road trip a week to a week and a half post op, would that be horrible? I guess im just trying to figure out when the pain subsides a bit or if a roadtrip would be too painful. If the pain is still very bad after that time i will make do and figure out flights but its going to be hard on us.

Thanks guys! Im so glad i found this forum.
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Old 05-26-2019, 12:34 AM
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I traveled soon after both of my surgeries. I drove myself home from Wichita, Kansas to San Angelo, TX a week after my first surgery. It wasn't a difficult trip at all (not a lot of curves to navigate on that trip, so I was able to keep my arms low most of the time).

We drove from Dallas to Fort Lauderdale for my (second) surgery. My husband drove the entire time. I think we came back 5 days after my surgery (a day or two after my post-op appointment...I had very little concept of time over those days. LOL). We did split the trip up and spent the night at a midpoint there and back. It really wasn't bad at all, even though the trip took us through the TERRIBLE roads of Mississippi and Louisiana.

During the second trip, I did experience some swelling that made the (what I considered to be loose) tanktop I was wearing the first day of the trip to go from feeling normal, to uncomfortable, to concerning, to painful (to the point that I wanted my husband to cut it off of me that night, but he didn't end up having to), so wear a shirt that is BEYOND loose. I couldn't tell the issue was 100% the shirt I was wearing until I took it off.

We did decide that if we traveled for surgery again that it might be easier to fly, but I would drive again if necessary. It is, of course, wise to be open to spending an extra night somewhere if things don't go as easily as you'd like.

The one thing that was not a consideration for us was traveling with young children. That can be rough enough without one somewhat incapacitated parent. Do you know how well your children normally travel?
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Old 05-26-2019, 06:49 AM
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I rode 2hrs home 30 min after my surgery. Drove myself back 2hrs (4hrs round trip) to my 1 week postOP appointment
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