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Tuberous Breast Reconstruction This forum is for the discussion of the specific issues regarding tuberous breast reconstruction.

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need advice

Old 02-12-2021, 08:12 PM
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Unhappy need advice

hi! I am really in need of some advice. I'm 17, I've always had an issue with weight and have had very low self esteem since I was a child. I think the one thing women tend to feel makes their femininity, at least for me, is breasts. I had lost a bunch of weight when I started my period as a kid and as I grew up I realized my boobs just weren't up to the standards of movies or things I'd seen online. I started thinking about how I would never feel comfortable being naked in front of a boy or had thoughts about how nobody would want to marry me because of my breasts. Now, after doing research and comparing, I'm pretty sure I have tuberous breasts. I'm not 100% because well, I'm not a doctor but I have a high suspicion I do. My mom has always said "There is always implants." for years since it has highly affected my self esteem. The thing is, I'm terrified of breast augmentation and I really don't want to get it. However, the low self esteem really takes a toll on my life with weight as it is and the breast issue for me doesn't help. I've heard so many horror stories with implants, I guess I'm asking if there are any alternatives? Different surgery? Does exercise help? Diet? Birth control? I just feel really alone and lost. Thank you.
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Old 04-04-2022, 12:14 AM
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I hope you end up seeing this, fat transfer is always a viable option, given that the fat content in your body is sufficient. Unfortunately there's no fix outside of surgery. Birth control and possibly diet will only change the size - not shape - of your breasts.

Good luck! I had conventionally "weird" boobs prior to my augmentation and I understand how crippling that can be to one's self esteem and sense of identity.

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Old 04-04-2022, 05:51 AM
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I guess this old thread just now caught my attention. I hadn't seen it previously.

Me personally, I think you need to work on your self-esteem issue first. If breast implants are still under consideration, then look into that later down the road. My gut tells me your mind and heart need to heal first from your low self-esteem. Implants (or other outward "fixes") won't repair your head and heart. I don't know what led to your low self-esteem today and certainly wouldn't ask you do divulge those private things in this forum. But I would strongly encourage you to work on that piece of your life first. And don't be afraid to seek professional help (i.e., professional counseling), if needed. I've certainly had some visits with the counselor, and they have done wonders for me. It requires brutal honesty with the counselor. It requires taking full ownership of my life and my "issues." It requires me to accept who I am and find contentment in it. It requires me to take the ~hard~ baby steps required to make changes, little-by-little, day-by-day. That typically requires new habits and lifestyle choices, which are usually painful at first. But over time, things begin the change for the better, and my outlook on life improves dramatically.

I hope this helps. I know the thread is old, but hopefully, the OP will see it. Best wishes and keep us posted. ;-)

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Old 04-04-2022, 10:53 AM
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I couldn't agree more with what Pearls said. I hope OP is reading this too, and if not, I hope others her age and in her position, will read this thread because it is so important.

The fact that you are SO young, have "poor self esteem," and that you even admitted that you don't want surgery... are all 3 HUGE red flags that you should wait a couple of years before making this decision. People treat plastic surgery like a routine teeth cleaning: like it's some magic silver bullet for all self-esteem issues and that their lives will be instantly better afterward. The reality couldn't be farther from the truth:

1. Plastic surgery is SURGERY, and should never be treated lightly. At your age, do you even have someone you fully trust, who will be able to drive you to and from your appointment, AND take care of you afterward?? (I'm talking cooking, making sure you have your meds on time, helping you get around because you won't have use of your arms, etc.). I will say, picking a friend who is your age, to be your caretaker is a BAD idea. What if she is jealous and tells everyone? What if she bails on you because she is too busy either studying or partying? Are you willing to enlist one of your parents to fill this role, or is that too embarassing? These, and many other details, will need to be arranged BEFORE your surgical date or you could risk complications.

2. Plastic surgeons actually "screen" their patients before agreeing to operate on them. They do this specifically to filter out patients with low self esteem, because those patients are the ones who tend to be dissatisfied and complain afterward. The last thing a surgeon needs is patients who can't be pleased, leaving terrible reviews and hurting their reputation and future business. Any reputable surgeon who read what you wrote, especially considering your age, would be VERY hesitant to operate on you and might even refuse.

3. Recovery time is soooo important to calculate in... Many people (especially your age) think they'll look instantly like an instagram model afterward, but the reality is that you'll look worse before you start to look better. If you have small boobs to begin with, you will likely need unders, which means the "drop and fluff" period could take up to a YEAR depending on how tight your chest muscles are. Everyone has "Frankenboob" for at least a month or two before things start to settle down and look good. Many people assume they were "botched" the first few weeks following surgery, but wonky-looking boobs are actually a normal part of recovery (and can last a long time). Your boobs will not drop and fluff at the same rate either, meaning you will likely look uneven for quite awhile. Also, you won't be able to exercise for a few weeks until your doctor clears you, making you feel bloated and otherwise unattractive. Little things like blow drying your hair and applying makeup could also prove very difficult for a couple weeks. Again I repeat, plastic surgery is NOT an instantaneous magic bullet for your self esteem woes.

4. You have heard of "baby blues" but have you heard of "boobie blues"?? It is a period of depression many patients experience after surgery. If you already suffer low self esteem, you will not only LOOK worse directly following surgery (Frankenboob), you will FEEL worse too (boobie blues), probably for a few weeks. Are you sure you are mentally strong enough, and mature enough, to weather through this difficult aspect of surgery?

5. Plastic surgery often requires more plastic surgery procedures down the road. Every surgeon will tell you that implants are NOT a "lifetime device" and that they will likely need to be replaced at some point. Even if you don't have complications, expect that they will need to be lifted or corrected after weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, and /or breastfeeding. For example, I myself am planning my 3rd surgery as we speak... The decision to get plastic surgery, is not a one time whim, but rather a lifetime commitment. Are you really ready to make such a long term decision at your age, when your brain's grey matter is not even fully developed yet?

6. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but a few years ago the only implant filler option legally available for people under 22ish, was saline. Unless legal policies have changed, you will not even have access to silicone implants (ie: the softer more realistic of the two options) until you are a bit older. (Again, correct me if I am wrong on this) Patience will serve you well, and give you more options of obtaining the results you desire, if you wait a couple more years.

7. At your age, your natural breast tissue is still somewhat developing. Inserting an implant device before your natural breasts are fully finished developing, could stunt the rest of your growth. Have you considered slowly gaining healthy weight? When you reach your ideal weight, you are in a much better position to have surgery.

8. You might not reach your goal size with one surgery alone... Are your expectations realistic? Most surgeons will not go over 500cc TOPS (and more likely 300--400cc) for someone your size and age. Even after the recovery period is over, your final result will likely be much smaller than what you were hoping for. Expect a modest cup size as the final result, and understand you might need future surgeries to reach your goal size. Again, the decision for plastic surgery is a commitment, not a one-time whim.

9. How will you be paying for this? Going into debt at your age could be a financial decision that negatively affects your entire twenties. Interest rates on loans for someone your age with no credit history, could end up costing you twice the cost of surgery. Have your parents agreed to pay for this? If so, expect that some of the decisions about YOUR surgery might be up to THEM if they are the ones paying (which doctor, which size range, etc.). Many girls your age who get surgery, end up finding some guy to pay for it instead. This arrangement is predatory in my view: Either the guy is taking advantage of the young girl's insecurities, or the girl is taking advantage of the guy's money to pay for surgery and then leave him. Sometimes this arrangement is predatory on the part of both partners. This creates horrible karma and is just as wrong as someone who uses another person for sex. Using people (yes, even using men) will NOT help you feel better about yourself or help raise your self esteem.

10. You said your breasts are tuberous... because of this, your procedure could be MUCH more expensive than the average garden-variety breast augmentation. You will need to find a surgeon that specializes in tuberous breasts, and this again could be much more expensive than you anticipated.

11. Get off social media (especially instagram!) if you suffer low self esteem. No matter how good your boobs look after surgery, there are a million girls out there with even better (or possibly just airbrushed) boobs who can't wait to show them off. "Comparison is the theif of all joy." I believe this statement to be true and it is especially true for instagram. You will not be psychologically healthy enough to make this decision, until you leave social media. If you do not have the strength to do this, then expect to always suffer low self-esteem, even after you have surgery. And whatever you do, do not and I mean DO NOT get a boob job just to increase your social media likes/followers. This is called validation seeking, and can be a vicious cycle for those with low self esteem. If you get a boob job, you want to make sure you do it for the right reasons, or you will likely feel worse afterward.

Okay I am all done lol. For the record, I think plastic surgery is an awesome option to have, but it is no substitute for real self-worth, and should be chosen for the RIGHT reasons, only after enough research has empowered you first.

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Old 04-05-2022, 06:07 AM
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Wow, mic drop @Wits N. Sass !
Well said and I definitely agree on all counts.

Originally Posted by Wits N. Sass View Post
6. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but a few years ago the only implant filler option legally available for people under 22ish, was saline. Unless legal policies have changed, you will not even have access to silicone implants (ie: the softer more realistic of the two options) until you are a bit older. (Again, correct me if I am wrong on this) Patience will serve you well, and give you more options of obtaining the results you desire, if you wait a couple more years.
Yes, you are correct. Silicone is prohibited for women under 21 in the USA.
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