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Mez 06-20-2022 07:10 AM

How will a textured anatomical implant stretch out lower pole if they don't drop much
I've been recommended a textured anatomical implant to correct tuberous breasts. My breasts are tiny 30A/AA. They're so small it's hard to see any shape but there's definitely nothing in the lower pole at all. It's like the breast ends at the bottom of the nipple.

So according to all this, it sounds like I'm a good match for this implant. However reading on here, the opinion seems to be these implants don't drop much as they're textured and don't move. So what exactly is going to create volume in the lower pole? My surgeon does a lot of reconstruction work, so I assume he knows what he's talking about but I don't get it.

twinpearls 06-20-2022 09:45 AM

Um, hmm. That's the first time I've heard "anatomicals are recommended (vs. rounds) to fill the lower pole." "Rounds" should accomplish that too. It's always been my observations that 1) "rounds" or "anatomicals" will fill out the lower pole and 2) "rounds" but not so much "anatomicals" will fill out the upper pole.

Nevertheless, the exterior of a textured implants does promote more tissue in-growth. Therefore, they do "stay in place" more and another added benefit is supposed reduction in the likelihood of capsular contracture because of the tissue in-growth. You especially want a textured surface with anatomicals since one known downside is that they can flip upside down in the body if they are too free to move. Their textured surface helps prevent this. So long as the surgeon places them properly, your lower pole should be filled out just as you want. Again though, "rounds" should accomplish that too. I might suggest you get another surgeon(s) opinion. It's usually recommended to meet at least 3-4 surgeons before making a final decision.

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