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lavenderfield 02-12-2021 08:12 PM

need advice
hi! I am really in need of some advice. I'm 17, I've always had an issue with weight and have had very low self esteem since I was a child. I think the one thing women tend to feel makes their femininity, at least for me, is breasts. I had lost a bunch of weight when I started my period as a kid and as I grew up I realized my boobs just weren't up to the standards of movies or things I'd seen online. I started thinking about how I would never feel comfortable being naked in front of a boy or had thoughts about how nobody would want to marry me because of my breasts. Now, after doing research and comparing, I'm pretty sure I have tuberous breasts. I'm not 100% because well, I'm not a doctor but I have a high suspicion I do. My mom has always said "There is always implants." for years since it has highly affected my self esteem. The thing is, I'm terrified of breast augmentation and I really don't want to get it. However, the low self esteem really takes a toll on my life with weight as it is and the breast issue for me doesn't help. I've heard so many horror stories with implants, I guess I'm asking if there are any alternatives? Different surgery? Does exercise help? Diet? Birth control? I just feel really alone and lost. Thank you.

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