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The Under 300cc Club This forum will be for discussing implants that are 300cc or smaller.

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The Under 300 cc Club :-)

Old 07-13-2020, 06:59 AM
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Implants of the same size can have completely different results on different people, even with similar stats. It truly can be confusing. Best advice I can give is to make sure you communicate well with your PS - show him pics of what look you are after, try on sizers and in the end, trust your PS as he/she is skilled at this!!

That said, I am a couple inches taller than you but a similar weight, 5’8” 115lbs. I had 375cc hp implants placed under the muscle along with a lollipop lift 6.5 years ago. I was a deflated A/B pre BA after nursing many years. I now wear a 32DD/sometimes 32D for the most part (though I was professionally measured at 30G.) Don’t let those numbers scare you. I look like a full C cup which is what I wanted. They really aren’t “huge” but they are a nice size and shape that I can play up or down. Having a BA can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I went through stages where I thought the implants were too small, then I thought they were too big... in hindsight, I think they are just right for my body and I’m glad I trusted my PS.

The implant size you are looking at is not a “huge” implant, so I wouldn’t be worried about looking “over the top”. That said, depending on your anatomy, it could bring you to a C or even a D cup, though my guess is you’ll have a “full B to a full C look” if that makes sense. Though I’m saying this without knowing your anatomy, so it’s just a guess. I recently returned to this site after not checking in for awhile (considering a revision) so I’m not able to share pics yet, but you can probably find some on here, or search the Internet. Good luck!!
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Old 09-21-2020, 04:04 PM
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Hi ladies so I am two weeks until surgery, 5'4" 130 lbs I wanted to be natural just needed filled out after nursing 4 babies. My PS suggested to be natural and in order to straighten up my nipples without having to have vertical life, to stay under 300 cc. We decided on 290 cc but after reading all the threads I am feeling anxious about choosing the right size, I don't want to spend all that money and be disappointed. But I def wanted to be natural, any similar stories out there are you happy, what would you do different? Its hard to find before and after pictures of your exact build to know what to expect.
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Old 07-28-2021, 04:15 PM
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5' 7, 28A, 102 pound female - 255cc Sientra, mod +, split muscle technique too big?

Hello! I am a 5' 7, 28A, 102 pound female in her mid twenties. I don't mind being tiny or having smaller breasts, however right now I can't even fill out a bra and want some cleavage. The surgeon I have decided to go with (after a few consultations with others) told me due to my build and how narrow I am, she only wants to give me 300cc max. I want natural and am not trying to push my body to the limit, so after trying on a few sizers I picked 255cc -- which would be the largest I would want to go. I've also considered going 235cc or 215cc, as I would rather be smaller than have gone too big. I do like the sideboob look and she told me the implant type that she would've recommended for me due to my measurements, which is mod +, will help me achieve some of that. Due to pre-consultation research, I was completely happy going with Sientra moderate plus and the split-muscle technique, but size is harder to gage as all bodies are different. I'm not worried about cup size as much as I am worried about minimizing complications (stretchmarks, rippling, bottoming out). I just wanted to hear some thoughts from other girls with similar builds/sizes and make sure 255cc will give me a difference but isn't too big.

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Old 08-10-2021, 08:18 AM
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Unhappy feeling dissapointed

Today I have my follow up appointment and I'm feeling dissapointed. My surgon and I decided she would try between 220cc-290cc and see what looked best on me. After I woke up from surgery she said she put in the 250cc on one side and it just looked perfect so she didn't have to try other sizes, she went with 220cc on the bigger side to correct asymetery. I get it, it's only 5 days post op but the bigger side still feels bigger... fuller on the top and on the bottom. I had conserns about them projecting out too much so we decided she would try low profile and low plus but I don't think she even tried to see the difference and just went with low profile. It's frustrating because I honestly thought she was going to take the time and effort to see what looked best on me and not just go with the first option. The smaller breast is doesn't have as much fullness at the upper pole so I hardly think the drop and fluff process is going to help it feel any bigger. With the left one already feeling bigger and having much more upper pole fullness I only think the drop and fluff process is going to make the difference even more obvious to me. I am 5'6'' 130lbs and had a small B to start with. I wanted to stay small with more fullness but my main concern was correcting my asymetery and I'm not so sure that issue has been resolved, possibly it's going to be even more bothersome to me. I'm hoping it's just the swelling but my gut tells me otherwise.
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