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The Under 300cc Club This forum will be for discussing implants that are 300cc or smaller.

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  • 3 Post By savethebees

My journey! 5'6" 120ish lb 220CC low projection round sientra

Old 08-18-2020, 02:51 PM
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Smile My journey! 5'6" 120ish lb 220CC low projection round sientra

Hey everyone, I decided to stop creepin' in the forum and make my first post. I wish I had found this forum long before I went through my surgery - it has been a wealth of information and very insightful to read everyone's different experiences. I'd like to share my own experience in hopes it will help others

It has been nearly impossible for me to find someone with similar stats who went for such "small" implants. I am 5'6", my weight fluctuates between 117-125, ribcage is 29"... and my chest was what I suppose is considered a "deflated" 34B. I don't know for sure though because I never wore bras with cup sizes, I just opted to go braless or wear little bralettes to cover up my nipple piercings if I didn't want attention lol. I wanted to be able to fill in the tops I already own, regain some firmness, and just be able to "play my boobs up or down"...

I basically had no upper pole fullness, and found myself keeping my shirt on even when I was intimate with partners, etc. To make matters worse, I work in the adult industry - and I am constantly subjected to seeing perfect boobs of all sizes and shapes. Well to be fair, I'm a firm believer that really ALL boobs are beautiful....I am an advocate for body positivity and acceptance, yet I couldn't shake how self conscious I was feeling. Making the decision to go through with breast augmentation was terrifying... and it really surprised a lot of my friends. Despite all of that, I did feel supported, and like I was making the right decision for ME.

I wanted upper pole fullness but that lovely natural slope as well, with more roundness at the bottom... think Bettie Page/ pinup type boobs
My consultation actually felt really rushed and a little disorienting.. in hindsight, I think my Dr just knew exactly what I wanted and how to achieve the look I wanted, but I was expecting a little more hand holding I guess..? lol.. we only talked for about 15 minutes and next thing I knew I was scheduling my surgery!

Ultimately it came down to 220, 250, and 280cc low projection sientra 106 implants under the muscle

I was hell-bent to find others who got low profile implants in similar sizes.. through all my obsessive internet searches, I kept coming across mostly male PS's saying "ohh I NEVER use low profile.. whats the point? they are just pancakes, no one ever wants low projection" etc.. similarly I saw many comments about there being "no point going under 250cc"
It made me feel really scared and upset, thinking I was about to shell out a low of money for basically a really tiny result

My surgeon said she felt confident that 250/280 would be perfect to even out my asymmetry, but she'd have the 220 on hand just in case we needed to do 220/250.

Skip ahead, I woke up and she said she went with 220 on both sides. I was VERY out of it, and didn't get a chance to talk further.. I'm sure I'll get a chance to talk more in depth at my post op next week..
I can only assume that the 30cc difference was slightly too much, and the small degree of overcompensation wouldn't have been worth it. I was a little confused and upset that she didn't go with the 250 - but ultimately, SHE is the expert, and 30cc isn't much. I fully trust that during the surgery, she made the decision that fit my small frame the best.

Honestly, it's wild what a "small" implant has done for me... it's been less than a week and there's still a little swelling that needs to go down, and I def need to "drop and fluff"... but I couldn't help myself - I started trying on my tops and they fit 1000000% better, I look proportionate, I feel feminine but not overly so (at my core I'm also a tom boy too, so I wanna be able to play the boobs down when needed)...

I have gone through the ups and downs of "they're too big! they're too small! they're uneven! did I make the right choice!?" - my partner has the patience of a saint yall... lol

But you know what? They are actually perfect. I can sit here and obsess and nit pick if I let my brain go down that rabbit hole.. because surgery is a huge deal! However, my surgeon truly did get into my head and she knew what I wanted.. I let the obsessive thoughts and self doubt just move through me and when I really look in the mirror, I see the image reflected back at me of someone who is more confident already and the implants just feel like they should have always been there haha
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Old 09-16-2020, 12:15 AM
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Thanks for posting this! Yes, Iím so glad to hear of your experience, sounds like you are very happy and donít have any regrets with sizing! Iím obsessively going online to see if I made the right choice in sizing and I need to ultimately just be satisfied with what Iíve got, so itís great to hear from you. Hope you continue to love Them more as they drop and fluff!
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Old 09-17-2020, 06:15 AM
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Thank you for this post I am just over 2 weeks from surgery day and was a bit nervous on chosing a small size!!

Do you know what cup size you are now? Do you fill the b out nicely now or did you have to go up to a c cup?
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Old 01-10-2021, 08:13 PM
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Similar experience


Just wanted to also add that I did same. 5'2" 115 lb and 32 large A/small B to start. Then did 220 low profile Sientra. My doc is all about the low profile on petite people. Says they are perfect balance. I am so happy with the results. still swelling. Sometimes think ... hmmm maybe I could have done one size bigger or moderate projection but probably would have looked fake. These are going to settle nicely and are really proportionate. Will see how next few weeks goes as they settle.
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Old 03-02-2021, 08:34 PM
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This is so exciting to read! It sounds like what you've gone for is what I'm looking to go for too and we are similar sized people it sounds like. I find it hard to find stories about small, low projection implants so I'm glad to hear about your experience.

Do you have any suggestions on where to find photos similar to yours, or do you have photos on this forum? I'm new and I've been having trouble navigating the site, sorry for the noob question :'( haha
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Old 06-19-2021, 03:34 AM
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The projection of my implants is 2.8cm
Is this considered low projection?
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