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isitsafe 08-03-2022 10:14 PM

Post Op Day 1 .... feeling some kind a way ;0(
I know that I am super swollen and reading forums here, my boobs will not be as big as they are now. I got 295 Full Natrelle. I am small framed. Yet I am a little apprehensive they are so big (at least right now and I know this is just the first full day after op)! I did not want them big but was nervous in picking the size tjhat might be too small., Decided on 295 with doc input. I am s so so glad I did not go above 300 to 325 (even if they keep saying 30 ccs is less than a shot glass, even so, that 2 table spoons can be visibly bigger) I am feeling a little nervous (ok a lot nervous..) right now .. Is it safe to say they are only gonna get smaller from here.. and at no point are they gonna stay this size... (sorry to be having a mini panic)...

Also, for decades I wanted them, but now that they are inside me, I also feel a tiny regret that now a foreign item is inside me.. I feel foolish and irresponsible for even saying this out loud in this forum, knowing that I agonized and researched and talked to friends/docs before making my final decision... I don't know why now that i have them, I am feeling buyers remorse.. is this normal? Maybe it is just the meds talking ..

Any insights would be so appreciated! And thank you in advance and sorry for being a downer here

twinpearls 08-04-2022 05:36 AM

Here begins the emotional rollercoaster. It's completely normal. Buyer's remorse is normal. It hardly ever comes up in conversation here, but most women experience this rollercoaster. You will go through waves of high and low emotions for the next few weeks. Give it time. Fall in love with your new girls. And ride it out. Your emotions will settle.

No, I don't think they are going to "shrink." On the contrary, they will drop and fluff, which means they may actually appear a little larger as the taut skin and muscle (if you have "unders") relax. Bottom line...I would just relax. Don't do anything rash and schedule an explant. Your body...and your mind...need time to adjust to the change. It's a lot to deal with when you wake up from surgery, suddenly very different with larger breasts on your chest. Granted, you haven't shared any pics in your profile, but my guess is that you will look absolutely stunning and gorgeous with your new upgrade. ;)

isitsafe 08-04-2022 09:00 AM

Thank you as always for the kind words twinpearls!! Thank you for letting me know this emotional roller coaster is normal for some... I will keep posting here in case this helps other women too but certainly helps me to voice my feelings in the company of other women who might be in the same situation or was or will be. Thank you again!

As for saying "they will not shrink", I would think/hope they might "shrink" or be smaller even some once my swelling has reduced? Not that the implant themselves will shrink just the rest of my breasts will be smaller w less swelling so overall my breasts are smaller than now? is that how this goes?

I am afraid to remove the support bra on account that I just best leave things as they are until I am allowed to shower .. and have to take them off anyways then i can take pic then. I am allowed to shower today but I prob again bec of my fears, just wait till another day.


twinpearls 08-05-2022 06:20 AM

Originally Posted by isitsafe (Post 2966937)
As for saying "they will not shrink", I would think/hope they might "shrink" or be smaller even some once my swelling has reduced? Not that the implant themselves will shrink just the rest of my breasts will be smaller w less swelling so overall my breasts are smaller than now? is that how this goes?

The swelling will go down. But my guess is that the majority of the visual change that is shocking you in the mirror probably isn't the swelling. Rather, it's the implants themselves. In time, the implants will "drop and fluff" and most women report that they look a little bit larger after D&F. But yes, that will be contrasted against some reduced size from the swelling going away. So it's kind of a juggling act...some enlargement from D&F with some shrinking from reduced swelling. ~shrug~ ;)

isitsafe 08-05-2022 10:27 AM

Thank you.. that makes sense.. fingers crossed the swelling is more now and will go down and the fluffing won't fluff as much lol thank you!!!

piopio 08-05-2022 02:44 PM

Iím at 3 wks post op and I still am on the emotional roller coaster. I hear and see so many girls saying that they drove in 5 days and took their own shower and made food and this and thatÖ but I canít even tie my hair. Every move I make or every tightness I feel all of sudden I worry that something might be wrong. I donít want to be the downer or the one that scares people, but Iím really feeling regretÖ

isitsafe 08-06-2022 11:23 AM

Oh piopio i totally feel you 100%! We are about the same size (body wise, petite/small framed asian) and you got 250 and i got 295 .. so I feel u completely. I am only on my 4th day post op. i move super slowly like you fearing I am gonna mess up something or feel some kind of pain.. this sharp, twitching, shooting pain, doesn't last long but it happens .. i hear it is normal but doesn't make it less scary for me the person w the pain and these new strange feeling things stuck to me lol ... and i right away felt the emotional up and downs like i described in my original post. I am also hesitant to be the downer on this forum and be a scare monger ... but on the other hand, I think it is good for others to hear what is happening and what it is like for all kinds of people... those that quickly bounce back and those that do and and those in between.. this is serious stuff we just did and better for all to know more now ... that way they have as much info before getting into this themselves..

Regret is a heavy word and if I let myself get into that, I also feel that heaviness... i try to remind myself this is all part of healing and this is all normal.. and this too shall pass just will take much much more time for us... and focus on the positive, which there are, each day i feel better even if so slightly and that this is all too new to us ...

I "sent you a friend request" via this forum.. not sure how that works.. if this forum sends you a private message we can exchange phones # to text and in addition to this forum, chat off line as support for each other.. if that interests you and helps us both...... Just an idea .. cuz this stuff is way nerve wracking

Take care!

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