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urethral cyst

Old 11-20-2013, 12:55 PM
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Unhappy urethral cyst

Hi ladys, the other day I went to my dr because I had a question about a lump I have had for years in the inside wall of my vagina. I know I should have gotten it checked sooner but ive had it for as long as I can remember so I never really thought much of it until recently. It didnt seem normal to have something down there, and it bugged me when I sat down. I looked it up and thought it was a bartholin cyst, I went in and my dr told me it wasnt that, it was a urethral cyst, she told me that if it had been a bartholin cyst she could have removed it but since she doesnt want to risk causing damage to my urethral track I need to go see a specialist. I currently don't have health insurance because Im not working im a student. My bf of a little over a month noticed that im feeling down but I dont know if I should tell him whats wrong, I probably wont be able to have sugery for another 3 months or so and im going to be self conscious about it if we have sex, we havent yet but I probably wont want to right now having that lump down there. And 3 months is an long time to not tell him and to avoid sex I feel like im going to have to tell him, and I also have to look for an insurance I can afford and look for a job to pay for it, what are your opinions should I tell him? Sorry for the rant it's been bugging me all week
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Old 11-27-2013, 08:13 AM
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Don't be down girl...its okay. My advice is that your bf probably won't think it is any big deal at all. I am assuming you aren't currently intimate with him? If you guys get to the point that you are going to be intimate I would certainly mention it to him. If you aren't comfortable maybe you shouldn't be intimate yet. Just my 2 cents. He has only been around for a month so I don't think you need to get into it with him just yet if you don't want to. (((HUGS)))
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