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77australia 11-15-2009 11:59 AM

Random question from a jock! - Make up help needed
Girls -- can you help me?

I would consider my self a 'sporty spice' type girl. I wear a little make up here and there -- but mainly just eye shadow, a little blush, and some lip gloss....

I would have tried wearing foundation before -- but I really don't feel like it works for me -- it doesn't seem to blend.

Is there a trick that I don't know about (I didn't really grow up reading the girly mags) -- I don't want to be all made up all the time, but when i do get dressed up, I like to look good.

Going to a department store kind of makes me feel uncomfortable...I am 32 -- I don't want them to be like -- why the hell is she asking about makeup now!

Is there a makeup 101 website or something?

Violettraine 11-16-2009 02:33 PM

Just want to say hello :) what ur doing now is great less is definently more.....i dont know how u look but the only time i feel anyone needs foundation or powder is if they have facial skin imperfections.....like if u have acne,scars,discoloration etc......so if u have none of these u dont have to worry about foundation. if u want to just try something try a tinted moisturizer its a lot lighter and not caky on ur face.....all i wear on a reg day is a tinted moisturizer some blush, a sheer pigment by mac in either nude or vanilla on my eyes, mascara, lip gloss, sometimes a lil bronzer and then i fill in my brows with a shadow......it takes me only 5 min to do.........thats it. Just do what u feel comfortable with. this is for u and no one else :)

Im 29yrs old not married and no kids...just a Bf and a small dog
surgury 11-11-09
pre op:34B
post op: D-ish not sure...
incision: Crease
Under Muscle


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