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Women's Health All women's health issues (and general health issues), including birth control, pregnancy, etc.


Old 04-21-2016, 09:42 PM
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For a while now, I've suspected that I might have polycystic ovarian syndrome. Both my mother and sister have it and I've had hormonal issues for quite a while, except up until this point I assumed that the issues I was having was just due to my age, but now that I'm about to hit my 20s I'm doubting that. Ever since I started puberty really I've been overweight. I've always eaten fairly healthy and exercised, but even when I was exercising every day in school when I was about 12 I was still overweight. I was also one of the last girls I knew to start developing breasts and have a menstrual cycle. I've also had cystic acne ever since then. In fact, each year it's gotten worse. I've also always had incredibly irregular periods. They were usually very light if they came at all and I never had any idea when they would happen. I went on hormonal birth control for about a year and actually lost weight during that time, had less acne, and my excess body and facial hair started to fade. Only, because of the busy work schedule I had last fall I switched to the Paragard IUD. Each month since my cycle has become more and more irregular again and all of my issues are coming back and worsening each month. My cystic acne is back and is even worse than before, my excess/dark body hair has increased, the hair on my head is actually thinning to the point where I find massive amounts of my hair when I vacuum and in my laundry. I've also been gaining weight and even though I was working and am now exercising (I'm not unemployed) and cutting my calories and eating well I'm not losing any weight. Most of my weight increase has actually been around my stomach, which is fairly unusual for me since I'm so pear shaped. The only symptom I don't have is high blood pressure. My blood pressure has always been fine. I also gain muscle fairly easily for a woman.

Of course, when I have health insurance again I'm going to get this checked out by a doctor, but does this sound like PCOS? I'm worried that I have it since I have a lot of the symptoms and it runs in my family.
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