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I've had increasing fibro symptoms for the past 7 years. As it's exacerbated by stress, and I've got a very stressful job (and am now the sole provider for our family of 3), my symptoms are now off the chart. I've finally decided enough is enough and to seek treatment; though I've always hated telling any doctor i have any sort of pain, it doesn't seem to go well and they think you're just there for meds (which is incidentally why seeking treatment took so long... I hate taking medicine; especially long term. I had to come to grips with doing something about it).

Unfortunately quitting this job isn't an option. I've worked REALLY hard to get here and recently have accepted a promotion. My boss knows my health shortcomings and thankfully is very supportive.

I finally saw a general practitioner for the first time since I moved to FL... saw him last Friday. I'm being referred to both a gynecologist (I had a hysterectomy for adenomyosis... which is yet another connective tissue disease which I'm not sure if it is related to the possible fibro or not...; I'm also being referred to a neurologist.

I hope that the neurologist doesn't suggest that this is related to implants, I had all these symptoms before my BA. They're just worse now with the stress. I had a period of time after my hysterectomy where I was on Lyrica, and I felt the best I ever felt in my life, which coupled with my symptoms makes me feel that perhaps I have fibromyalgia.

Symptoms: widespread pain for 7 years... burning pain (especially in my feet), brain fog, increased symptoms after days of more activity, depression, migraines (diagnosed), tension headaches (diagnosed), TMJ - diagnosed, (for which I got Invisalign but have since read that invisalign can make TMJ worse, which it has!) IBS (diagnosed), tingling/numbness in hands, joint stiffness, lack of sleep, shooting pains through my body, increased pain with exposure to cold (for which I moved from a cold climate to a warm one)...

Does anyone have experience with fibromyalgia... or going to a neurologist? Last time I went to a neurologist was for my migraines and they wanted to put me on a statin ... my blood pressure is naturally very low so I declined; it wasn't a very good experience. In general I get panic attacks when I have to go to the doctor because I had horrific experiences with a couple of ob/gyns and an orthopedic surgeon. It's made me a bit "gun shy" and I typically put things off until I can't any longer.

TL;dr: I think I might have fibromyalgia and want to know if other ladies have experience with it or with going to a neurologist for it. Haven't had good experiences with doctors in the past and am a little scared.
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You should start looking for a good therapist. Sometimes it takes about 2 or 3 of them before you find one that gets you. You have to learn how to deal with stress, and from experience, it's not medication. I'm not saying don't take pain meds if you need it but once you find a good therapist that actually listens and teaches you. I highly recommend you take probiotics because stress kills your stomach as well. What I take when my mind is a mess is: 2,000mg vitamin C, 300mg B1, 1 capsule vitamin E and there's a powder called Cal-mag. What are your eating and sleeping habits? This is also very important.
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