Areola Surgery in San Diego, California (CA)

It’s important to be happy with the appearance of your areolas, which are the circular areas of darker skin around your nipples. Surgery can reduce the size of your areolas, as well as correct puffiness and misshapenness.

How areola surgery is performed

Areola surgery is an outpatient procedure done under local or general anesthesia. Your surgeon can reduce the size of your areolas by making a donut-shaped incision around their circumference and removing excess skin. Your breast skin is then pulled in with stitches. A permanent stitch deeper in your breast tissue can help prevent your areolas from enlarging over time.

Puffy or conical looking areolas can be corrected by removing the underlying breast tissue that is pushing them outwards. This can give your areolas a flatter appearance.

Recovery after surgery

Recovery is usually mild and most women can return to work after about three days. Pain, swelling and discomfort should subside in less than a week. It’s important to avoid strenuous activity and sex for around three weeks while you heal. Some women may lose sensation in their nipples and areolas after surgery, so it’s important to discuss possible side effects with your surgeon.


The costs of areola surgery depend mostly on the amount of work that is done and the anesthesia that is used. Surgical and facility fees can affect costs as well. Your surgeon can help with accurate cost information for your procedure.

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