Nipple and Areola Surgery in Houston, Texas (TX)

The appearance of your nipples and areolas (the darker skin around your nipples) can have a significant effect on how you feel about your breasts. Areola and nipple surgery can correct issues with size, shape, projection, and symmetry.

How areola and nipple surgery is performed

Areola and nipple surgery can be done under local or general anesthesia in an outpatient setting. The incisions and scars are well hidden by the darker skin tone of your areolas.
Areola surgery can reduce the size of your areolas and correct their shape and symmetry. Your surgeon makes a donut-shaped incision around the perimeter of your areola and trims away excess tissue from the outer edge. Your breast skin is then pulled in with stitches. Sometimes a permanent stitch is made deeper in your breast tissue to keep your areola from stretching outwards after surgery.

Nipple surgery can correct issues with projection and size. Your surgeon may remove excess skin from your nipples to reduce their size. Nipple puffiness can be altered by removing tissue from underneath your nipples and areolas. Inverted nipples, where your nipple is pulled in too close to your breast, can be corrected by stretching the underlying tissue or adding a prosthetic device inside them to prop them up.

Recovery after surgery

Most women can return to work after three days. You’ll need to avoid strenuous or sexual activity for a few weeks. Pain and discomfort is usually mild and subsides after a few days. Some women may lose sensation in their nipples after surgery, and your ability to breast feed may be affected as well, so it’s important to discuss these factors with your surgeon.


Costs depend on the complexity of your surgery, your location, and any surgical, anesthesia, or hospital fees. Your surgeon and health insurance provider can help explain specific costs. 

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