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I am looking to remove my over-the-muscle silicone implants. Can it be done under local anesthesia?
Breast Implant Removal - 1 week ago9 answers
I've had silicone implants (over-the-muscle) for 17 years. There haven't been any complications, just want them removed. To reduce cost, and to not put my body through general anesthesia, could this be done under local anesthesia? Is that an option?
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I have 375cc extra high profile implants. If I go up to 500cc's, would I see a more noticeable difference?
Breast Implant Replacement - 2 weeks ago8 answers
I have 375cc extra high profile implants. I'm going bigger as the 375cc implants are too small for me. It was the biggest size my surgeon could fit. Now that the skin has stretched, I'd like to upgrade. My surgeon thinks I should have 500cc, but will put in 550cc if I want. I have 2 weeks until surgery day. I don't want to wake up devastated again & go through it again without seeing a big difference. I want volume, even with clothes on. Will I see a noticeable difference with this increase?
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This is my second capsular contracture. What are my choices now?
Capsular Contracture Treatments - 2 weeks ago11 answers
I had a mommy makeover February 2016. All went great, except I developed CC on my right breast about two months later. Had revision surgery November 2016, got new implants, had drains. My doctor seemed to have done all he could. January 16th of this year I got CC again on the same breast. I was so upset, I cried. I massage and take Singulair. Do I do surgery again? Should I do textured and ADM, both or just that?I don't want to keep investing $, nor do I want to take them out.
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Is it a good idea to go from 610cc's to 1300cc's? What could be the implications?
Breast Implant Revision - 3 weeks ago5 answers
I am 5'6" tall and weigh 108/110 lbs. I've had two breast augmentations, each time increasing in breast implant size. I'm looking to have a third surgery and go from 610cc's (Sebbin LS90 Moderate profile) to 1300cc silicone. I workout everyday. I'm skinny but have elastic skin. Is it a good idea to go this large? What could be the implications of such a large increase?
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How quickly would you know that you developed a hematoma?
Breast Augmentation - 3 weeks ago6 answers
I had tuberous breast reconstruction 11 days ago with textured anatomical implants under the muscle. About 6 or 7 days in my husband and I fooled around, no intercourse or breast touching but I did use my hands for semi vigorous hand movement and my heart rate went up. At 10 days we fooled around the same way, but with some nipple stimulating, no squeezing. What are my chances of a hematoma after that? I feel fine today, and it didn't hurt during.
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What size and type of implant would suit me best for maximum natural results?
Breast Augmentation - 4 weeks ago6 answers
I'm 30YO, 5'6, 133#, BWD 11.5cm, 34B. My goal is have full C cup breasts, tiny D at most. I have been contemplating BA for years and the only thing that has stopped is the fear of having a result that looks fake. Round beasts absolutely terrify me (you know what I'm talking about, that round fake look)! I want to look as natural as possible! What size and type of implant would you recommend for me to obtain my desired size without compromising any natural details.
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Will my breasts even out? 1 week after anchor lift with new implants my right breast looks amazing & left looks terrible.
Breast Lift - 1 month ago6 answers
This is my 3rd set of implants & I had a full anchor lift. I went down about 100cc's & have HP silicone. They drooped about the same, but the left breast had extra skin I was told. From the beginning, the left has looked odd after surgery. The right breast is round, perky & I love it! The left looks nice on top, but the bottom isn't round; it's wider and is hanging uneven. Skin near armpit is up high; skin near the cleavage is lower. Will this correct itself? If not, can I get a revision?
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Should I worry about bottoming out again after having a capsulorrhaphy?
Breast Implant Revision - 1 month ago4 answers
I had a capsulorrhaphy due to severe bottoming out after a lift with implants. My implants are still small and unders. I don't want them to drop, because now at 2 weeks post-op, they look normal. My right breast cannot take more dropping without looking bottomed out again. The left a/n are a little too low now, but I can handle that. I'm wearing a sports bra 24/7. Can I expect my breast to stay this way? I'm paranoid about my right breast dropping any more. Thank you!
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I upsized my breast implants a few days ago but notice no visual difference. Will this change over time?
Breast Implant Replacement - 1 month ago14 answers
I'm just a few days out of surgery and had my previous implants of 315cc upsized to 515cc and see next to no difference 😢. I actually wanted 575cc's as my doc said he doesn't use any bigger than that. When I woke from the surgery he told me that he only placed 515cc as there wasnt enough room to place any bigger. I find it quite depressing. I'm not a small person--5'7" and 80kg, so I wanted at least a noticeably larger size.
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The number of cc's told to me by my PS differ from what the staff told me I'd be receiving over the phone. How do I know which info is accurate?
Breast Augmentation - 1 month ago8 answers
The number of cc's told to me by my PS differ from what the staff told me I'd be receiving over the phone. How do I know which info is accurate? Is that just the number or the implant? Will I still be receiving 450cc? Mentor moderate saline implant.
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How and how much will my breast size change over time as the implants settle?
Breast Augmentation - 1 month ago4 answers
I am 5ft and 106lbs. I just got 275cc silicone breast implants 4 days ago and am not happy with the size; they seem smaller than I expected. Will my breast get bigger after weeks/months?
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Has anyone experienced fibromatosis or Desmoid tumors after implants? I'm wondering if there is an association with saline or silicone implants.
Breast Augmentation - 1 month ago3 answers
I got silicone gel implants 8/2014. I've recently developed a chest wall tumor (benign) that is pressing against my implant and has infiltrated my ribs and muscle. I will have tumor, ribs, and implant removed soon. My dilemma is deciding whether or not to replace the implant after healing is complete. If the implants pose any risk to developing a tumor again I may decide to remove both implants altogether.
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3 months post op, my breasts still look swollen. Will I need a revision?
Breast Augmentation - 1 month ago8 answers
350cc in right, 400 in left. Mod plus Mentor. I was a small 34B 11bwd. The sides are still flat; my boobs aren't looking natural or round. Haven't really dropped. Does this mean I'll need a revision. I have pictures to post or send if necessary.
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I am 7 days post-op BA and my right boob is sitting so much higher than my left & I can't lift right arm directly in front of me. Is this normal?
Breast Augmentation - 1 month ago5 answers
I have 415 cc under muscle breast implants. Me not being to raise my right arm just started happening 3 days ago. There is a lot of bruising as well. Is this part of the normal healing process?
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How much will my boobs change from the way they are now at 7 days post op
Breast Augmentation - 1 month ago5 answers
I got 300cc teardrop implants. I also had fat grafting, which I don't see a lot of ppl discussing, as well as my nipples reshaped. My doctor made them smaller. It's just that I like the size and shape of my boobs the way they are at this moment. How much will they change after the whole dropping and softening happens?
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I've had saline implants for about 20 years. One breast is 3 times larger than the other, hard and painful. What could this be?
Capsular Contracture Treatments - 1 month ago10 answers
I have had saline implants for 20 years or more. I woke up one morning and one breast was 3 times bigger. It is very hard and painful. This happened 2 yrs ago and my doctor sent me to a cancer center. I didn't have cancer and the implants looked good. Maybe a pulled a muscle then, but now it is really getting worse and I know it's not a pulled muscle. What could it be?
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Is there much of a difference between 375cc and 550cc silicone breast implants?
Breast Implant Replacement - 2 months ago11 answers
I have 375cc under the muscle silicone implants. I am having them redone and chose 550cc silicone implants, also under the muscle. Will there be much of a difference?
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Will I put myself at risk if I smoke 24 hours after my breast augmentation? What about 24 hours before the surgery?
Breast Augmentation - 2 months ago8 answers
I would just like to know how much risk I'll place myself in by smoking 24 hours after my breast augmentation. I had one 24 hours prior to my BA, but my doctor said it wouldn't be too much of a problem seeing as it is only a single cigarette. I'm just concerned about capsular contracture. I've been smoking for a year and the most I've had in a day was 5.
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Will 450 cc Harrell's Inspira textured breast implants in a high profile help decrease breast ptosis, or do I need a lift?
Breast Augmentation - 2 months ago6 answers
I am 5'3" 118lbs. Before kids I was a DD/DDD. I really want to go back to that. My PS recommended 450 Harrell's Inspira textured. He said my nipples are perfect and the implants will help to decrease the post-baby sag w/o a lift. I'm worried. After looking at other pics of women with 450, I feel that they will be a lot bigger than I want. Think I will go with the 415. Thoughts? He also said high profile would be good for my narrow frame/prevent side boob. I measured 32 around and 13.25 cm.
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