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You just found the largest, longest-standing breast surgery community, educational resource, and doctor directory on the internet. 

Whether you need a breast augmentation, breast lift, areola resizing, breast reduction, a revision, or your breast implants replaced, JustBreastImplants.com is where women go to connect, share, laugh, learn, and be inspired about all things breast augmentation surgery. 

Find a board-certified plastic surgeon, ask experts questions, read up on breast augmentation techniques, sift through patient photos, and receive support from real women who are either having a breast implant procedure or who’ve done it and are now loving their results. 


JustBreastImplants.com was established in 2001 by a real breast augmentation patient who wanted to help connect women with board-certified plastic surgeons and provide them all the information they need to make informed decisions about their breasts. 

Since taking the baton, we continue that vision by building the biggest and longest-standing breast augmenttion forum, bridging gaps between women and doctors, and amassing a repository of educational content. 

Who We Are

JustBreastImplants.com got a boost since its humble beginnings and is now part of the eDoctors group of websites, which is known for its medical niches and is owned and operated by Internet Brands, an integrated web solutions company in El Segundo, California.  

Notably, Internet Brands owns WebMD and Medscape, making Internet Brands’ Health Vertical the world’s leading provider of web presence solutions for health professionals. 

Under Internet Brands and the eDoctors brand, JustBreastImplants.com comes fitted with a team of project managers, product managers, engineers, UX designers, marketing specialists, sales consultants, editors, and customer service providers who are focused on helping patients find the right procedures and plastic surgeons. 

Website Features

Get the information and support you need to make the right decision about your breast implant procedure. Use our website to read up in the article library, view before and after pictures, find a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area, ask a surgeon in our network a question, and join the biggest breast implant community that has women like you. 

Plastic Surgeon Locator

All of the plastic surgeons in our network are board-certified and can be found in less than 1 minute using our nifty doctor locator tool. 

Just click the “Find a Surgeon” tab in the top navigation, then type in your city or zip code, or search by state. You’ll receive a list of doctors up to 100 miles away. Narrow your results by selecting treatment types, affiliations, language, and gender. 

View each surgeon’s individual profile to learn where they studied, who they’re certified by, what techniques they specialize in, and what services they offer. You can also take a peek at their gallery of work, read patient testimonials, and request an appointment on the same page. 

Ask a Surgeon

Get advice, recommendations, and solutions to some of your biggest pre-op and post-op conundrums. 

The Ask a Surgeon feature lets you anonymously pose any question to real plastic surgeons from all over the United States and receive timely responses in your inbox. 

Simply hit “Ask a Surgeon” in the top navigation to ask a question, or tour our database of questions and answers to explore a range of queries and discover concise replies. 

Article Library

Breast surgery is more than breast augmentation, it consists of breast reconstruction, breast reduction, breast implant revision, breast implant replacement, and breast lift. 

Choose from dozens of articles to enhance your knowledge on each surgery and its outcomes. Learn about cost, recovery, results, risks, how the procedures are performed, the latest techniques and devices, how to choose a surgeon, and what to look for in consultations. 

Get more specific breast implant information on placement options, fill types, size, and more.

Hit the “Surgeries & Info” dropdown tab at the top of the navigation to select from 1 of 7 categories. Confine your article search by typing in a particular keyword, or view the entire lot.  

Image Gallery

Find photos that inspire you, see different surgeons’ work, and compare and contrast different breast procedures. 

Tap on the “Photo Gallery” tab at the top of the navigation. Select a particular procedure or explore them all to discover the kinds of outcomes you can achieve with each plastic surgeon. 

Breast Surgery Forum

Over 120,000 of JBI’s forum members are asking each other questions, getting inspired, and learning everything about breast augmentation and breast surgery. From size estimation and finding the best surgeon, to pre-op jitters and post-op recovery tips, the community is chatting and raising one another up. 

Click “Forum” in the top navigation, then sign up for free membership. You’ll get access to 16 forum topics, thousands of threads, and more than 2 million posts. Start a thread of your own or join in on conversations with a post. 

You can also connect with our community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

About breast surgery

Breast surgery procedures are performed on more than 400,000 patients per year. While 300,000 of those surgeries are breast augmentations, a full gamut of operations exists to suit your needs. 

There’s breast reconstruction, breast reduction, breast implant revision, breast implant replacement, and breast lift. Each is designed to enhance your breasts in some way—whether to make them bigger, more voluptuous, shapely, taut, higher, or better positioned. 

A breast exam and discussing your goals with a board-certified plastic surgeon helps them tailor a unique treatment plan just for you. Do some research in the article library, then set up an appointment with one of our doctors to discover the pathway to achieving your dreams.