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Revision for bottoming out—are dissolvable sutures, permanent sutures or internal bra best?
Breast Implant Revision - 2 days ago3 answers
I have 325cc HP silicone implants from 1.5 yrs ago that bottomed out—left lower than right. I hope to exchange for 225-250 cc, and raise the implants 2-3 cm. What is the best procedure for this? I prefer dissolvable sutures, but is there a high chance of BO recurrence? Would ADM internal bra, or permanent sutures result in more precise, symmetrical and longer-lasting effects? Which is safest? Please advise if you have experience in this type of BO capsulorrhaphy with inframammary incision.
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Am I going to need a larger implant?
Breast Augmentation - 3 days ago3 answers
My doctor noticed after my first post op visit that he may have not measured my breasts correctly. He said he took detailed photos and noticed no difference in breast size. He placed 420cc implants high profile on both breasts And now one looks significantly smaller. He thinks we may need to do a revision. Would that mean adding a larger implant? Please help. This is so disappointing. I started with an A cup and I am a very muscularand petite 5'7 tall and 123 lbs.
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Will my crease go away?
Breast Augmentation - 6 days ago2 answers
I'm 42 years old and I was a full B cup, but lost my upper pole fullness. I just had 415cc teardrop subpectoral implants three days ago and am hoping that my 3cm droop will be lifted. I did not want to have a lift and my surgeon chose the 415 cc as it has a 5cm projection. Today 3 days after surgery I opened my surgical bra and I'm quite confused. Even though it's still very early, I think that I will still have my crease after healing—what do you think?
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I had breast augmentation 20 days ago and have strange movement in my breast. What could it be?
Breast Augmentation - 1 week ago2 answers
Twenty days ago I had a breast augmentation. The left breast settled nicely. Four days ago I felt weird movement in my right breast like something was rubbing against the implant. There are no signs of infection, redness, or bruising, just slight swelling compared to other breast, but I put that down to it being my dominant side. I saw my GP who thinks it's an infection and he gave me antibiotics. I've seen no improvement yet and wondered if there are any other things it might be?
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Will I require a revision surgery to fix drooping?
Breast Augmentation - 1 week ago5 answers
I had my BA on 5.17.17 and am about 4 weeks post op. I had tuberous breasts that were severely asymmetrical. My left was a C and my right was an A. I was scheduled for a benelli mastopexy with cohesive silicone implants (415cc left, 520 cc right) to even them out. Woke up to find no benelli was done and now that breast is still super droopy. I'm terrified it won't even out over time. Will I need more surgery?
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Can you ask for less cubic centimeters on the day of surgery if you're getting saline implants?
Breast Augmentation - 1 week ago5 answers
My surgery is coming up and I've been worried they'll be too big. I'm 5'0", 105lbs. I'm a 32A (on a good day). I want fuller breasts, but not big. My surgeon recommended 325cc (he said either 300 or 325, even 350 would be good). I chose the 325, but I've been watching videos and looking at photos from other girls with similar stats and theirs look huge! I'm a little scared. I do not want to be a D-cup. I'm curious whether I can ask for 300cc instead of 325cc the day of surgery. Advice?
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13 y/o implants and chest pain / extreme pressure esp when exercising. Help! What's happening? Is this the beginning of a rupture/contracture?
Breast Augmentation - 2 weeks ago4 answers
I've had saline implants with no complications for 13 years now, and just a few weeks ago my breasts started to get tender, with a constant dull pain/pressure in my chest muscle that increases when I exercise. In fact, when I left weights (not super heavy or anything). I feel like the implants are going to burst! Hopefully this anxiety is in my head but I'm wondering what it could be? Normal wear and tear after 13 yrs? Also, they have changed somewhat in shape but nothing too drastic yet.
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What's the difference between putting the implant behind the muscle and putting it in front of the muscle?
Breast Augmentation - 3 weeks ago5 answers
I want to know which one makes you look fuller and doesn't leave you with a big gap between the breasts.
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Undecided between 375cc and 415cc range of silicone options.
Breast Augmentation - 1 month ago4 answers
I'm having trouble deciding how many cubic centimeters to get. I've been to a couple consultations and decided that my cubic centimeter range is 375-415. I want it to look somewhat proportionate to my petite frame, and I don't want to look top heavy. I'm aiming towards the 400-415 cc range. I'm 5'2", 120lbs, currently 34B. I know for sure I want silicone round, moderate profile, under the muscle dual plane placement, and the breast crease incision. What do you think?
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Breast augmentation for a trans-woman.
Breast Augmentation - 1 month ago3 answers
Hi, I am a trans-woman and am currently a 36A. I want to have a natural looking 36C after my breast augmentation surgery. From my research, I learned that many surgeons recommend placing the implants in the submuscular regions of the chest in smaller-framed women. I am 112 lbs, and 5 feet 9 inches. Do you recommend placing the implants in the those areas? Also, do you believe that the benefits from inserting the implants in the submammary folds outweigh the risk of hyper-pigmentation?
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My implants have ruptured and I am having them removed. My surgeon has suggested that I just have an uplift and not seek new implants.
Breast Implant Removal - 1 month ago4 answers
How bad will the scarring be? Will I lose all sensation in my nipples ? What is the recovery period ?
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Car accident and had surgery to replace, but MRI shows masses of silicone still inside with a rippled implant. Is it dangerous?
Breast Implant Replacement - 1 month ago3 answers
Disucussed with my doctor three times and had images sent directly to him. But after two months, I went to have an MRI and there were MASSES silicone I can fell, and the implant is rippled since there is no room for it. How long should I wait? How dangerous is it to leave the silicone in? Please help.
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During sex, my breast started bleeding. What should be done about this?
Breast Augmentation - 1 month ago7 answers
I had breast augmentation 10 days ago. Yesterday during sex i saw a drop of blood. It was spotting. I cleaned and covered it. This morning it wasn't bleeding. No swelling or pain. I can't get in to see a surgeon until Wednesday. So what do i do until then? Should i stop massaging? Put my bra back on? Clean and dress the wound daily? Or leave it open to air? My surgery was done out of state and that surgeon is no help.
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My breast lift/augmentation surgery is less than a week away & I have a UTI. Do I have to postpone surgery?
Breast Implant Revision - 2 months ago7 answers
I have read that capsular contracture is caused by bacteria. Can bacteria anywhere in your body affect this?
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Reconstructive Surgery for PCOS
Breast Reconstruction - 2 months ago3 answers
I have PCOS. My left breast never developed properly, and I have to wear a prosthetic every day to look normal. Is there any way to get help with insurance to cover reconstructive surgery to look normal? I have attempted to get this covered in the past, and my surgeon put it through as a variation of Poland Syndrome thinking that could be the issue. I was initially approved for surgery, but then my insurance denied everything when he asked for approval on specifics on what would be done.
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Can I put my nipple rings back in right after surgery?
Breast Augmentation - 2 months ago4 answers
My PS said I can put my nipple rings in right after surgery so they will not close. I am getting my incision in the fold under the breast. I have heard some PS say to wait a period of time. I trust my PS and he has a lot of experience, but I am worried about other surgeons that say not to do this. What are your opinions?
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