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What is the most natural looking and feeling breast augmentation?
I want to pair fat grafting and implants together to try and make my breasts look natural. I heard that textured implants bounced less. I want them to look and feel like real fat. I know that implants aren't EX... Read more
What can I expect size-wise postop with 250cc and low plus profile silicon round implants? Any experience with low profile implants?
I am struggling to find any pictures or stories about women who were recommended low plus profile implants. My surgeon recommended Natrelle Silicone 250cc low plus round implants because I said I wanted a natur... Read more
I would like to consult with a surgeon about an alternative form of breast reduction surgery. The currently available methods are not ideal for me.
Breast Reduction - 1 answer
I'm proposing an alternative surgery where the incision is made on the top of the breast and breast tissue is taken out from above then the skin is pulled up to create a lift. in this case, the scars would go f... Read more
Why aren’t there more warnings regarding the use of warming devices?
I suffered burns after using a heating pad, and now have an extrusion on my right breast. Read more
Will they get any bigger?
Hi. I had breast augmentation 3 weeks ago. I had 380CCs and now have 550CCs. I don't see a lot of difference. I am 123 lbs and about 5ft 6in. I'm a bit disappointed in the size. Also, my left breast looks a bit... Read more
What is causing this to happen?
Day 8 post-op—just got a pinching sensation on top of the left breast. I only feel it when I move a certain way or press on it (no swelling no redness). No fever and no pain anywhere else on the breast. Read more
What size will this make me? And what is best: under or over the muscle?
I’m 5’6, 118 pounds, 32AA. My surgeon recommended 375cc moderate, over the muscle implants. Read more
Will I get it again with another augmentation?
I have had three augmentations; the first one 30 years ago, the last one done 10 years ago. I keep getting capsular contraction. Read more
Is this true or not?
I have been told that after 10 years or longer, by law, my doctor or doctors have to replace my implants for free. Read more
I had 415cc implants placed under the muscle 2 weeks ago. I have tenting and want to know what is the likelihood of this resolving?
I was a 32B with a definite wide space between breasts. I had sagging from three nursing children. Worried that he put too large of implants in me. Read more
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Is this BII?
I am having a burning scratching feeling on my left breast. I’m 3 months post-op. I had saline under the muscle; 450 in right, 410 in left. I’m struggling with this pain. I have spoken with my PS and the nu... Read more
Why did my implant shell size go down if the CCs went up?
Hi, I recently had 1200cc placed in an 800cc MP shell. I went back for 1600cc & it was put in a 700cc shell. I’m not sure why this was done since I liked the width of my implants. Read more
Is the pain in my right breast a sign of bottoming out or capsule contracting?
I'm 6 months post-op with 350cc smooth dual plane implants. Checkup was fine until I noticed the right breast (one I have pain in) scar was slightly higher than left. My PS said he would do capsule revision due... Read more
What will my breast size be with these implants?
I'm 5'5 and weigh 127 pounds. My current breast size is 36B, and I'm getting 560cc implants. Read more
Is this normal? Will my implant eventually tilt back?
I'm 6 weeks post-op. Breast implants over the muscle left 425cc right 380cc pure foam covered. My left breast seems to be looking ok, and the implant is sitting back against the chest wall. But with my right br... Read more
I currently have 325 cc breast implants and I want to significantly downsize my breasts. What is the smallest size I can go?
I currently have 325 cc size breast implants and I fit into a 10E bra, which you can understand is highly disproportionate to my petite frame. I want to downsize to a full C cup. I also think I would require a ... Read more
Which is better, over or under the muscle implants? Also, what's a good size?
I'm 56 y/o, breastfed 3 children, and lost almost 100 lbs by working out. I'm unsure which implant placement I should get and am equally confused about which implant size because I wear VS (32D) and those are n... Read more
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