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My breasts are taking on different shapes after breast augmentation. What's going on? Is this normal?
My PS is currently on vacation and I’m a little over two weeks post-op. I’m very concerned about the shape of my breasts. The left one seems a lot more oval and flat than the right. They’ve advised me to ... Read more
Why do some surgeons recommend massaging breast implants after surgery? It seems like a contraindication.
I’ve had my breast implants for about a year, and now I’ve noticed that my left breast dropped a little lower. After noticing such a drop, my doctor said to fix this he could go back in and close the pocket... Read more
I currently have 470cc gel implants under the muscle. I'm getting ready to revise to 560cc gel moderate. Should I go 600cc?
I am 5 feet 5 inches tall and 150 lbs. I currently have 470cc gel implants under the muscle. I will be revising to 560cc gel moderate implants. Will this be noticeable, or should I go up to 600cc? I am hoping f... Read more
Did I pull a muscle or is there something wrong with my old implant?
I got over-the-muscle silicone breast implants 11 years ago. My breasts appear fine and I haven't encountered any problems in 11 years. Over the weekend I painted fences, then a few days ago I awoke to a very m... Read more
I feel fluid moving around inside my new breast implants. Is this normal?
I am one day post-op from a breast augmentation with silicone moderate plus implants. When I move around, I feel fluid moving from side to side. Is this normal? Read more
How long do I have to wait to have another breast implant revision? I'm unhappy with my breast size.
Prior to nursing 4 kids, my breasts were very large. After nursing, my breasts reduced in size. I had round saline implants (400cc) placed behind the muscle in 2003. Then, June 2018, I had them replaced with 48... Read more
I'm having a breast lift with implants. When choosing my implant size, do I select the cc plus the breast size I already have now?
Breast Lift - 3 answers
I was overweight and lost 120 pounds. I was a 42DDD, now I'm like a 36C. I need help in choosing a size. I want a full D. I plan to have a breast lift with implants. When choosing my implant size, do I select t... Read more
I'm concerned with how my implants are placed, being flat and wide.
I'm unhappy with the projection. I'm 11 weeks PO from a saline to silicone revision. I wanted cleavage, so my surgeon said a wide implant could achieve that. I was happy to be going from 375cc to 405cc. I have ... Read more
One of my breasts looks smaller than the other after breast augmentation. How would you handle this?
I’m currently 3 months post-op. I never was asked to try on implants beforehand. My surgeon asked what size I wanted to be, and I said DD. After surgery, I was told a 295 cc implant was used and a 450 cc impl... Read more
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What risks do I face if my doctor inserts an implant wider than my BWD?
I'm after a modest increase. My doctor has advised an implant that is 3mm wider then my BWD (340cc). I requested for the most minimal amount of side boob; however, I'm scared it will be too much and edge into m... Read more
I'm scheduled for a BA in 1 month but need serious help with implant size. My PS wants a more conservative, smaller implant—285cc HPX.
I am 34, no children, 5’8” 120lbs, BMD ranges are:R 11.1-12.0 and L 11.1 to 11.8. (This depends on menstrual cycle and when it's measured.) He originally planned to do HP 300cc Mentor Gel, then changed to t... Read more
I am 3 weeks post-op. I had 550cc hp Mentor smooth round silicone under the muscle. Will these even out? Is the shape still going to change a lot?
I originally started out at a 34B. I am 5’7 and now 123lbs. My right breast has seemed to drop quite a bit and filled out but it's holding a more oblong shape which is freaking me out. My left breast is still... Read more
What can be done to fix this revision surgery?
I had revision surgery May 2017, a lift with 280cc low profile Sientra gel. My implants are out of pocket, fall under arms and below incision. They lay flat on my chest. My plastic surgeon says there is nothing... Read more
Which is the best profile to get to achieve more upper pole fullness and/or cleavage enhancement?
I plan on getting silicone implants, under the muscle, and underarm incision. Read more
I’m one week post-op today and was wanting a bit more of the “fake” look with more round and upper cleavage.
I’m 5’7 and was 130 lbs. at the time of surgery. I’ve dropped 7lbs in recovery. My surgeon opted for 550cc’s HP round silicone under the muscle. I got my bandages off yesterday and I absolutely love the... Read more
Both of my incisions (under the breast) are painful 3 days post op. Is this normal?
When I am laying down or sitting up the pain is minimal or none. However, when I stand up and the breast has a chance to move the incisions burn very badly. It brings me to tears. Walking hurts quite a bit. The... Read more
Is it normal that one of my breasts feels like it’s moving when I walk and still hurts 3 months post op?
Hello! I had 365 cc textured subglandular implants plus lift 3.5 months ago and the left still hurts when I walk. It feels like it’s bouncing or moving. It was larger at first too but now it’s even. I can... Read more
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