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Breast Implant Removal Questions

One of my saline implants ruptured, but I cannot afford removal of my implants. What can be done?
Breast Implant Removal -1 answer
Are there doctors who will needle deflate the other breast so my breasts are symmetrical. I need something temporary until I can afford to pay for removal, which one plastic surgeon quoted at nearly $7,000. I'v... Read more
I'm getting my breast implants removed. Do burn marks from a surgical electric knife go away? Will my doc need to stitch my cut breast muscle?
Breast Implant Removal -2 answers
I am planning to get my breast implants removed. On YouTube, I saw a breast explant surgery video where a doctor used a surgical electric knife. It left burn marks on the tissue. Is this safe? Will the burn mar... Read more
I plan on getting my breast implants removed. What is the safest way to do this?
Breast Implant Removal -3 answers
1. With local anesthesia, via areola incision (I got my breast augmentation through them). Endoscopic explant surgery, partial capsulectomy 2. With general anesthesia, via areola incision. Endoscopic explant s... Read more
I had my sub glandular saline implants removed. I left the capsule in. I can feel a small tissue hardness on both. Is the capsule shrinking?
Breast Implant Removal -7 answers
It was done under local anesthesia one year ago. The hardness I feel is on both breasts in the same spot. The upper outside portion on my right breast at 10:00 o'clock, the left breast 2 o'clock. Is this the ca... Read more
My implants are far too large for my body, I want to know which option will be best for my health. Will complete removal make me flat?
Breast Implant Removal -4 answers
The fact is, I was always (and early in life) a large-breasted girl. The idea if being totally flat may be the healthiest choice, as I do prize my health. As a 75-year old fitness model, should I deal with anot... Read more
I have my latest implants since 1997. For the last three weeks I am experiencing something like a swelling of just the top part of my right breast.
Breast Implant Removal -3 answers
Mammogram and scan showed no signs of rupture or leaking. Implants still feel soft. There is an obvious difference in the size of the affected breast. Because of my age (64), should I consider removing the impl... Read more
I fell out of a tree and ruptured my breast implant. It's getting hard lumps and causing pain. I think I should have both of them removed.
Breast Implant Removal -1 answer
I don't know how complicated it would be on me to have them removed. I'm 66 years old and in good health. I don't want them replaced, but I don't want my breast to look bad. I don't have the money for the recon... Read more
My implants have ruptured and I am having them removed. My surgeon has suggested that I just have an uplift and not seek new implants.
Breast Implant Removal -5 answers
How bad will the scarring be? Will I lose all sensation in my nipples ? What is the recovery period ? Read more
I woke up this morning and my saline breast implant on my right side is deflated. This happened with no trauma. What are my options?
Breast Implant Removal -12 answers
I'm wondering what to do. I would like to replace my implants but go smaller. Is this advised? Read more
I feel my left implant sometimes as I'm sitting.
Breast Implant Removal -6 answers
It's like something inside is moving as I'm reading calmly or just watching TV, or even when I'm eating. This has been happening for about three years now. At first I thought they were itchy because maybe I wa... Read more
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I am looking to remove my over-the-muscle silicone implants. Can it be done under local anesthesia?
Breast Implant Removal -11 answers
I've had silicone implants (over-the-muscle) for 17 years. There haven't been any complications, just want them removed. To reduce cost, and to not put my body through general anesthesia, could this be done und... Read more
What are the implications of removing implants?
Breast Implant Removal -10 answers
What is it like if you want the implants out? Is there ever a life after implants, or is it always going to be some revisions from here on out? I'm a few years into my BA life and have some capsular contracture... Read more
Will I sag a lot when I have my implants removed? 180cc 8 years. Currently a very full 32d. What would be my new size? Will my skin recover?
Breast Implant Removal -19 answers
I had breast augmentation when I was 17 (8 years ago) 180cc, under the muscle, I was a 32a and became a 32b/c after the surgery. It seems that my breast have grown over the past two years and now they are too l... Read more

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