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Breast Lift Questions

After a breast lift with augmentation, my implants are riding high, look kinda flat and they touch in the middle. Should I have chosen mod implants?
Breast Lift -1 answer
When my PS chose low plus profile, I was a bit concerned. I expressed my concerns and was reassured I’d get a good result so I trusted him. Now, 4 months PO I’m not thrilled. My implants ride high, look kin... Read more
I'm having a breast lift with implants. When choosing my implant size, do I select the cc plus the breast size I already have now?
Breast Lift -3 answers
I was overweight and lost 120 pounds. I was a 42DDD, now I'm like a 36C. I need help in choosing a size. I want a full D. I plan to have a breast lift with implants. When choosing my implant size, do I select t... Read more
I had a breast lift with implants 10 days ago. When the tape was removed I was left with a bubble between my breasts. What can I do?
Breast Lift -2 answers
It's like a small, quarter-sized puffy Lump. My plastic surgeon says it is not fluid filled, couldn’t explain it but wants to wait for two months for them to settle. I am very sad. They have a hard tube insid... Read more
Could the lift be higher or is this as high as it would go?
Breast Lift -1 answer
I had a mastopexy with augmentation on May 2, 2018. The PS put in 195cc of saline because I already had a lot of breast tissue. I was not concerned with size but more concerned with upper fullness. It has been ... Read more
After surgery both my breasts look a boxy/square at the bottom. Will I need a revision?
Breast Lift -5 answers
5 weeks post-op breast lift with 250cc Mentor high profile implants. My breasts look a little boxy/square at the bottom. The right breast looks smaller and a little more square than the left. My right breast wa... Read more
Will my areola ever look normal again?
Breast Lift -2 answers
Hi, I am 4 weeks post op and I still have a purplish ring around my areola. My surgeon has seen it but I didn't think to ask at the time as I thought it was perhaps pen marks. What could it be and will it fade?... Read more
I am starting to get a stinging area just under my right breast. Nothing has been pulled loose. Is that normal?
Breast Lift -2 answers
I had a breast augmentation with lift and a reduction on the right breast. The surgical glue is falling off in that area, and I just wanted to know if that was normal. When I say stinging, I mean it is a burnin... Read more
spitting suture care
Breast Lift -2 answers
I'm at eight weeks post op; BR/BL. Two weeks ago, I started spitting stitches. I was advised not to take off tape even when I smell pus, yet he tells me to clean area with bacitracin and cover with gauze. I can... Read more
Why haven't I healed yet?
Breast Lift -4 answers
On May 30, 2017 I had a breast augmentation and lift. The doctor had to lift the nipple higher and fold it. There wasn't enough blood supply, a hole formed and half of my nipple is gone. I've had to have two mo... Read more
I have terrible saggy breasts I am 26 years I can't wear anything.
Breast Lift -6 answers
I have two kids--my son is 4 years old and autistic, and my daughter is 17 months old. I've terrible saggy breasts and I feel sick that I can't wear anything. Can I have a breast lift? I am planning for two mor... Read more
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I have substandard results after a breastlift and implant exchange with internal bra and sub areolar lift. What are my options?
Breast Lift -1 answer
Will there be puckering? Does this mean I'll need another lift right away? How much does this normally cost? Read more
Will my breasts even out? 1 week after anchor lift with new implants my right breast looks amazing & left looks terrible.
Breast Lift -7 answers
This is my 3rd set of implants & I had a full anchor lift. I went down about 100cc's & have HP silicone. They drooped about the same, but the left breast had extra skin I was told. From the beginning, the left ... Read more
I have severe ptosis. Would my insurance pay for a breast lift?
Breast Lift -15 answers
I've had a natural sag to my breasts since the age of 14. Three kids later, they are hanging halfway to my navel. This 45 degree angle prevents them from draining. It causes me to have to do a 2nd mammogram wit... Read more
Are red, warm-feeling breasts a sign of infection?
Breast Lift -5 answers
I just reached the one-month mark after a breast augmentation and lift. Everything seemed fine until two days ago, when each breast began to look red below the nipple and feel warm. the sutures appear to be OK.... Read more
How do I know whether a breast lift is enough to give me the results I want?
Breast Lift -11 answers
I really don't want to get breast implants, but I definitely think I need a lift. After breastfeeding for a year, my breasts are droopy and not as round as they used to be. I am currently a full C-cup. Can I ge... Read more
I am a natural 34D and don't want a bigger size but was advised by my PS to do a lift with augmentation.
Breast Lift -15 answers
I am 5' 120 lbs, and want this to look natural. I really don't want bigger breasts, just better ones. Any advice? Read more
One of my implants sits high, is tight, and feels like it is being pushed out from under the muscle. What procedure should I pursue to correct this?
Breast Lift -6 answers
I had a breast augmentation (under muscle) and lift 5 weeks ago. The muscle on the right feels tight and the implant feels like it is being pushed up and out from under the muscle. It's painful and remains tigh... Read more
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