Medications to Avoid Prior to Surgery

When consulting with your surgeon prior to your breast augmentation, make sure to mention any and all medications, vitamins and herbal supplements that you consume. This includes all over-the-counter medications.

Certain medications or supplements can interfere with the success of the augmentation. Some, like aspirin or certain herbal remedies, may thin your blood and cause you to bleed easily, which is something you don’t want to happen during surgery. Other medications or supplements may cause complications with the anesthesia medication you will take during implant surgery.

In the sections below you'll find a compilation of drugs, foods, vitamins and herbal remedies that you should consider avoiding prior to breast augmentation surgery. If there is something listed here that you are currently taking or are planning to take, make absolutely sure that you discuss it with your surgeon. You will need to follow their advice regarding any medications and vitamins or herbal supplements you’re using.

Updated August 2016

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